Your Most Winning Frame of Mind

ChristmasTreeLove.jpgNow, more than ever–it is so important that you maintain the rituals, success routines, and self-motivation that are integral to keeping you on the right track physically, emotionally and spiritually. You hear on the news that we live in uncertain times. You aren’t sure what will happen on Wall Street. You maybe aren’t sure about what is going to happen with your health insurance. All of this can create every day stress and a feeling of overwhelm.

What does this mean to you in your daily life? Instead of letting yourself get pulled into whatever is going on around you, take charge of your inner-game. Master your thought life.

Be in your most winning, successful, and determined frame of mind. Write in your journal, practice positive self-talk, exercise, and keep your heart thinking right.  No matter what you face in life, face it with your best game. Love and appreciate life.

Think back over the last week. Were you distracted, mildly depressed, or even angry? These are emotions that can trigger negative and self-sabotaging behaviors. Recognize your feelings and then move on and beyond them to your own best actions and plans.

What is your favorite way to take charge and master your innergame?
In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD
The Inspired Action Success Coach

Find Your Passion, What is Pulling You?

heartsFebruary is a month of passion and a time to explore what the heart wants. Ever thought about making your own furniture, pursuing a demanding career, or starting your own foundation?  What we are really talking about here is being passionate about life, doing what feels like a natural extension of your heart,  and being who you are no matter what the world thinks.

Have you heard of Kelly Clark? She is a three time Olympic snowboarder and she delivered in Sochi, but what is so impressive to me about Kelly is that she started a foundation, The Kelly Clark Foundation, where she helps out talented athletes and scholars.

She has finely honed and developed her talents and is giving back in a big way. I also love that Kelly builds her own wood furniture and her faith is deeply important to her.

The Olympics gives us a venue to study and learn about high level achievers. I find that I am always pulled to the athletes who are deeply grounded and big time go-givers.


Kelly, to me, represents what life is all about- finding and living your passion and making a difference. We all can aspire to live this way. You don’t have to be an Olympic Athlete, but you can have the heart of one.  If you feel like you have lost your passion, you can rekindle it and fan it into a big flame again. Look to the things that pull you. What pulls and tugs at your heart is a key to passion. Move toward what is pulling you and away from what is draining you. As you choose more of what you love and listen to your heart, and choose less of what feels like a big, heavy weight- you will come alive.

I have devoted my whole life to finding out what makes people happy, what inspires people, and why some people succeed and others do not. I have been writing about purpose and passion for years. I know that this is truly the zest of life and a huge key to living in happiness and success.  In my book, Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World, I teach people  how to find their unique voices and live with purpose.

I would love to chat with you about your passion and purpose. Click Here for a Step Into Inspired Action free coaching session.

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Cheers to your fabulous success!


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach


3 Keys to More Freedom, Happiness and Success

Hey there… Good news… I am sharing this free webinar, 3 Keys for More Freedom, Happiness, and Success plus an extra freebie with you (no- opt in required- just click to listen to the replay- it is available right now) You also have the option to download it to listen again laster. You will learn how to :
  1. Be motivated all of the time by understanding your “why”. With continuous and flowing motivation, you will be able to take your desired actions steps to make effective and rapid change.
  2. Learn the power required to create and achieve. This power is never ending and is always available to you every moment of every day.
  3. Discover three components vital to your happiness and how you can be happy now.

Plus, I included a mini meditation (it is just a couple of minutes) at the end to line up your energy with more freedom, happiness, and success. And I share a few more details about my upcoming 21 day courses.

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Cheers to your fabulous success!


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach

21 Days of Growth and Success


A Special Treat- The Synergy of Success


Create synergy and momentum in your life by looking at these areas of your life:

  • Your Theme for your year. This is one word that serves as a slogan for what you are trying to accomplish. My word for this year is “alignment”.
  • Your Goals. Review the goals that you have set making sure they are goals that really light up your life and make you want to jump out of bed every day.
  • Your Daily Practice. Momentum grows exponentially as you practice new habits and inspired action every day.
  • Your People. Be around energetic, positive, life affirming people.
  • Your Team. Create a team with trust, unity, and vision.

Synergistic practices:


  • The Universe Likes Speed- Allow that things can happen fast.
  • Daily Journal. Write in your journal every day.
  • Daily Gratitude. Feel appreciation every day by saying thank you.
  • Daily Love. Allow love in and give love. Use loving language.
  • Daily Learning. Learn something new as part of your daily practice.
  • Daily Movement and Nourishment. Any movement is positive and choose foods that make you feel energized and renewed.
  • Daily accountability. Track and share your progress with your coach, a friend, or  a mentor.
  • The importance of ‘I am” “I am” is the creative force. Use the feeling and meaning of these words wisely and unleash your powerful potential
  • Be the  energy of what you want. Increase your energy vibration. Stay focused on high energy thoughts and actions.

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach



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