When You Go For Comfortable, You Miss Out on Wonderful

Breakthrough moment: I realized I am wearing a shirt that is the most comfortable shirt I own.  The fabric is soft and it is really really comfy, but I hate the way it looks on me. I wouldn’t wear it out for lunch and if someone stopped over and I was wearing it, I think I would be embarrassed. Other people have told me that they love it on me,  but I just don’t like it on me at all. A few times I have thought,  “just throw it out”.

But the voice inside my head says, “but it is so comfortable, you might not ever have a shirt again that feels this soft and comfy”. 4_Keys_To_Being_Your_BestFreeWeb

Wow, I realized what a great analogy for hanging onto something comfortable even though I don’t like it. I am throwing it out today and never putting it on or looking at it again. Message: Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean it is serving me.

Lightening bolt:  Where else I am doing that in my life? Where are you doing this in your life?

When we keep things around just because they are comfortable, we aren’t living into what we really want in our lives, instead we keep hovering around “comfortable, but not good for me”.

Some things are comfortable and wonderful. But often “comfortable” is a way of avoiding expansion and positive change because our ego minds strive to keep things the same. Our ego minds hate change, it’s too scary. Our ego minds want the status quo even if the status quo isn’t great. Our higher selves want what is the highest good. Quiet your ego mind with some soft music, journaling, and meditation. Let your inner guidance speak.

Whether it is a thought pattern, a relationship, furniture, clothing, a struggling business, etc: when you go for comfortable, you sometimes miss out on wonderful.

Happy Girl on computer

Command a better story for your best and highest good today. Take action on what is not amazing. Eliminate or tweak what is draining. If it isn’t supporting you and making you feel good, it’s draining.

Go for it, eliminate all that is merely comfortable.

Freedom! Yeah baby.

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In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD









Living a Heart-Centered Life and Thriving

I have been collecting stories for my upcoming new book about finding purpose and meaning: Connecting the Pieces, Living Fulfilled. As I thought about all of the incredible, truly inspiring people I met over the years, I felt gratitude filling up my heart.

The questions I have been pondering and studying are:

What truly inspires regular, ordinary people to live extraordinary lives?

How do people put together their lives in a way that fills them up with a sense of purpose and meaning?

What drives people to thrive during challenging situations?

How do people live heart centered lives without sacrificing their financial well-being?

I am awed by my experiences seeing people close up, raw, and deeply connected to their commitments to find a way to put together their lives so that they do what they love and succeed.

Creativity and a willingness to look at choices with a completely different perspective appear to be two of the keys to this process of living fulfilled.

For example, a person who wants to be an author, starts their own publishing company and not only publishes 21DaysforYourLifehis or her own book, but helps others to do the same and live their dreams. Or a person who sees a desparate need and starts an event planning company to help non-profits to raise funds. Or a person who sees an educational need for young women and creates a website that provides this vital information and training. Or the person who realizes after a near death experience that there is so much left to do and be.

As you seek to live with meaning and purpose, ask yourself these questions:

What do I love?

What feels natural?

What do I do that I wish I could make money doing?

What makes me feel most alive?

What makes me feel like I am using my gifts?

When am I most fulfilled?

The above questions will help you discover more about your passion and purpose. The questions below will help you realize what is holding you back:

What makes me feel tired as soon as you think of it?

Where do I feel I make most of my mistakes?

What feels exhausting?

What  do I wish would go away?

Start releasing, letting go, deleting or delegating items from the second list.

Journal Prompt:

How important is it for me to live a fulfilling life? What do I feel and think it will take to get me there?

If you are not using a journal, many of my clients have found that it is a valuable tool for change and growth. Writing even one sentence a day helps.

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.,MA, CGCL Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Sheri Kaye Hoff is a Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and transformational best selling author of multiple books. She is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, international radio show guest,  podcast host, and workshop leader with 20 years of coaching, mentoring,  training and development experience. Visit Sheri at www.lifeisjoyful.org 

Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled

Connecting the pieces

Do you sometimes feel that you have so many interests and desires, but you just don’t see how to put them altogether to really see the success that you desire?

Do you wonder if you can love what you do and still make enough money? Do you feel that you have two separate lives- one that you enjoy doing the things you love and the other is work?

Have you been told you “have so much potential” but you feel like you stay fixed in the same place?

I remember being asked several times by well- meaning family members – When are you going to get a “real” job?  as I pursued various interests throughout my life. I undertook entrepreneurial endeavors, worked in higher education, and yes, I also worked in the corporate world.

Each facet of my professional life over the past two and half decades combined to create what I do now. I started my company 7 years ago and didn’t listen to the people who said I had to pick just one thing and stick to it. I found a way to combine everything I love into one company. This doesnt’ mean that you have to start a business, but it does mean that you can create a life you love.

And it is interesting that many of my individual clients have had the same experience of wondering how to combine it all. It is a good thing to have lot’s of interests. But the truth is, it is easy to get scattered, too. However, you can be diverse and successful with a creative approach.

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Tonight’s free webinar: Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled will help you:

  • See a path for combining your talents and passions plus get focused on positive results.
  • Learn how to implement the actions steps you know you want to take (you probably have some great ideas about what to do- but actually doing it is different)
  • Find out how to keep your mojo going even when you just don’t feel like it.

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Cheers to your fabulous success!


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


A Special Treat- The Synergy of Success


Create synergy and momentum in your life by looking at these areas of your life:

  • Your Theme for your year. This is one word that serves as a slogan for what you are trying to accomplish. My word for this year is “alignment”.
  • Your Goals. Review the goals that you have set making sure they are goals that really light up your life and make you want to jump out of bed every day.
  • Your Daily Practice. Momentum grows exponentially as you practice new habits and inspired action every day.
  • Your People. Be around energetic, positive, life affirming people.
  • Your Team. Create a team with trust, unity, and vision.

Synergistic practices:


  • The Universe Likes Speed- Allow that things can happen fast.
  • Daily Journal. Write in your journal every day.
  • Daily Gratitude. Feel appreciation every day by saying thank you.
  • Daily Love. Allow love in and give love. Use loving language.
  • Daily Learning. Learn something new as part of your daily practice.
  • Daily Movement and Nourishment. Any movement is positive and choose foods that make you feel energized and renewed.
  • Daily accountability. Track and share your progress with your coach, a friend, or  a mentor.
  • The importance of ‘I am” “I am” is the creative force. Use the feeling and meaning of these words wisely and unleash your powerful potential
  • Be the  energy of what you want. Increase your energy vibration. Stay focused on high energy thoughts and actions.

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach




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7 days to Living an Inspired Life


“Thought is the seed of action.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Day 2 of my Living an Inspired Life 7 day Series – each day features an audio or video tip.

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In this audio- you will learn how to:

  • Find your keys to everyday happiness.
  • Discover how to love yourself and others unconditionally and learn how this unlocks your success.
  • Uncover new ways to live your life with focused purpose.
  • Tap your source of personal power so you can feel energized and motivated.



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

The Inspired Action Success Coach