Poems by Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

Daring Something New

Committed to being open



My heart trembles

My mind turns

Palms are damp

Fear growls around me

As I try something new- unknown

Part of me wants to give up

Part of me thrills to the challenge

I am on the edge

The verge of choice

Terrified of a mistake

Yet driven to move forward

Slowing down my breathing

Resolve enters my heart

I push on-

daring to dive

into my new adventure

The peace of decision

and rightness enters my heart

I am certain


Sensuous Creation

Sharp, vivid sight

Crisp, clear sounds

Delicious scents swirling around me

Thoughts that snap together

Love and light flowing freely around me

Skin taught and shivering

with delight..

Complete awareness

Anticipation of a breakthrough

Passion dancing in my eyes

Vibrations humming through my body

Joy consuming my soul

Speed and stillness ocurring  simultaneously

Streaming thoughts

Gracefully flowing.

Tears of appreciation for

a new creation.

Love and soft laughter

at the sensuality.


My Storm

Looking over the water

at the beautiful horizon

the boat dipping and swaying

with the swell of the waves.

The sky is blue and clear.

Not even a hint of danger…

Yet, I feel tingles in my spine

warning me of what?

I am unsure. ..

Then I turn to look back at the shore

to suddenly see angry, gray clouds gathering along the hills.

A flash of lightning pierces the sky.

My heart pounds

as I make the decision…

Do I stay on the lake?

Or try to make it in?

Grimly, I rev the engine

and speed for shore.

Praying for safety….

Raindrops start beating my face

Thunder and lightning swirl.

I feel my breathing

and a roaring in my ears.

Fear and excitement mingling.

Triumph overcomes my soul

as I know that I wll make it to the marina.

Almost there…

Tension rips through my body as

I strain to keep the boat under control

Waves become angry.

Almost there….

My head pounds from bouncing on the waves.

I make it….

Turning in toward my slip.

People run to help.

Muscles aching as I try to

quickly tie.

Feet sliding on the wet surfaces.

Running to shelter.

I am complete soaked and cold.

A blanket wrapped around me

Thankful for safety:

I say a quick prayer.

I sigh and peer out at the storm.


A Quiet Northern Lake

Tall green trees meeting the sky…

Sparkling dark cold water…

The sun begins to shine.

I push my small canoe

from shore

gently stepping in.

A quiet balance…

I paddle around the bend.

Alone on the lake…

not a soul in sight.

I lean back and trail my fingers through

the northern waters.

Sighing, I rest.

The sun is warm,

yet the air is chilly.

Ducks look at me tentatively,


The lake is the same

as I remembered.

Comforting me.

Welcoming me.

Giving to me.

My heart holds this lake close

when I am far away.

My mind relives the simple, sweet memories.

You were still alive.

I am thankful that I have…

My canoe. My lake. My memories of you.


Winter Morning

Before dawn

Slowly moving

I breathe in the chilly air
Snow crunching
Wind tickling my face
Part of me wants
To turn back
To snuggle in my warm bed
Part of me is awakening
With the promise
Of an exciting new day
I begin
Quickening the pace
Muscles warming
Heart accelerating
The sun is slowly creeping up
I turn the corner
At the top of the hill
I pause in glorious wonder
The mountain peaks
Snowy , sparkly, pink
As  the sun kisses them
Glowing with the
Promise of the new day.
Thank you Lord for your

spectacular, beautiful day.

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