Your Most Winning Frame of Mind

ChristmasTreeLove.jpgNow, more than ever–it is so important that you maintain the rituals, success routines, and self-motivation that are integral to keeping you on the right track physically, emotionally and spiritually. You hear on the news that we live in uncertain times. You aren’t sure what will happen on Wall Street. You maybe aren’t sure about what is going to happen with your health insurance. All of this can create every day stress and a feeling of overwhelm.

What does this mean to you in your daily life? Instead of letting yourself get pulled into whatever is going on around you, take charge of your inner-game. Master your thought life.

Be in your most winning, successful, and determined frame of mind. Write in your journal, practice positive self-talk, exercise, and keep your heart thinking right.  No matter what you face in life, face it with your best game. Love and appreciate life.

Think back over the last week. Were you distracted, mildly depressed, or even angry? These are emotions that can trigger negative and self-sabotaging behaviors. Recognize your feelings and then move on and beyond them to your own best actions and plans.

What is your favorite way to take charge and master your innergame?
In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD
The Inspired Action Success Coach

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