Excerpt from Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World eBook

Be the InspirationPlease enjoy this excerpt from my new ebook Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill

“Do you feel a pull to do and be more?
Is it important to you to be able to inspire yourself and those around you?
Do you want to be more effective and impactful in your career or business?
Does your level of personal and team leadership influence your income?
It is important to be inspired, to feed our souls on a daily basis. Once you become adept at knowing what inspires you personally, then the next natural move is to inspire the world around you. This is the time when you help others transform through your message, your example.

Ask yourself, what can I teach? How can I lead? How can I inspire? Who can I inspire? This is a time for mentoring and giving back. You do have something that is uniquely you… that can help those around you… your job is to find out what that is and make a commitment to truly BE the Inspiration.

This book- BE the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World is designed to take you from getting inspired personally to becoming the inspiration to those around you. Learn what it takes to become an inspiring leader so you can grow your business, become a leader in your profession, lead a program, make a difference and/or become a thought leader. Learn how to use your personal development story to create a meaningful and inspiring platform.

Through the use the acronym INSPIRE and you will learn key components of explosive personal and leadership growth.

What do I mean when I say- “Be the inspiration”?
There is a difference between getting inspired personally (yes we do need to that, we need to take care of ourselves, but there is more). There comes a point in life when we are not only interested in being inspired personally, but we start reaching out and inspiring other people, either through examples, through programs we run or the job that we have, or the goals that we have, and your life becomes more than just about you as an individual.

Being the inspiration– is the way that we lift up the people around us. It is the way that we get our message across and it is the way that we grow. Maybe you have a business or you are working in a company or you want to start something new, or maybe you lead a non- profit. It becomes important for you to have strategies and ways of being in place to be effective at and that is what I am going to share with you in this book, Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World.

By reading this book- you will be able to get tools and techniques that you can use right away. Upon reading this book, you might decide that you want to continue this conversation with me and I am going to tell you how you can do that and I am also going to offer you something special, too.

As we get started… I would love for you to set an intention for this book. I am a big fan of setting an intention for every experience in my life and I like to have my clients do it, too. So if you could hold for yourself, a space for your intention for reading this book – that would be fantastic.

Hold your hand over your heart… and ask:
What is my intention?
What specific piece do I want to learn?
Do I want to be inspired? Motivated?
Whatever it is for you personally- Set your intention. In my book, Living Successfully and Joyfully Every Day: 90 Days of Inspiration– I talk about the importance of consciousness…and when we set an intention we are making a conscious choice.

For example, your intention might be getting motivated to act, and/or it might be getting clarity on a goal.
Some people who have heard and or read the concepts included in this book experienced clarity around the program that they wanted to start or their next steps to take in their lives.
So go ahead and set an intention for yourself.

I want you to know that you do have the power and ability to overcome obstacles and not only achieve your dreams, but live successfully and joyfully every day.

Let’s dive in, let’s talk about the acronym INSPIRE…”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt…

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.


Success Tools, Tips, Techniques from the Fall Success Summit

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you who participated in the Fall Success Summit that was held Nov 1-Nov 12.

This event was all about you…you finding inspiration, tools, and techniques to move your life and/or biz forward. I felt so blessed by all of the email and twitter comments during the two week event.

A huge thank you goes out to the fabulous guest speakers:

Lena Salonikas, Stephanie Mojica, Michele Caron, Tomar Levine, Renee Shupe, Melanie Kissell,Michelle Shaeffer, Chantal Beaupre, Doug Jarvie, and Janet Nestor.

I also wanted to share with you my top five takeaways from each presentation.

By the way- I heard from several people who were traveling over the weekend and missed the info on the VIP expiration date- so, I also am extending the VIP upgrade – it will expire midnight on November 16. This is your final opportunity to get the ten mp3 downloads for all presentations and over $1500 in bonus gifts.

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My Top Five Takeaways from Each Guest:

The Day 1 Kick off for the Fall Success Summit featured Lena Salonikas discussing Your Roadmap to Success. My takeaways from Lena’s presentation were:

1. Defining what success is to you.
2. Creating your purpose, vision, and mission.
3. Carefully developing a success mindset.
4. The importance of awareness
5. Using the Proof of Positive to help conquer your limiting beliefs…

From Day 2 of the free Fall Success Summit with my guest presenter Stephanie Mojica, here are my takeaways on: Everyone is a Writer at Heart- 3 Keys to Great Content:

1. Anyone can shift from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking
2. Authenticity is vital to great writing
3. Everyone can write, you just need a message
4. Start somewhere- blogging, article writing…
5. Stephanie is an inspirational person who is an overcomer….

Day 3 of the Fall Success Summit featured Coach Michele Caron and her topic was “The Only Constant is You” My takeaways from Michele’s superb presentation are:

1. Your environment does not have to have a negative impact on you.
2. Connecting with your true self is a key to success.
3. Listen to internal cues in discovering your passions.
4. Engage in ways to connect with your higher self- through music, exercise, nature, meditation..
5. You can’t control all of the things in your environment, but you do have control over your Self.

Day 4 of the Fall Success Summit featured Coach Tomar Levine as she spoke about how changing your money beliefs, changes your life. My takeaways from this presentation include:

1. We carry around beliefs about money that perhaps do not serve us well.
2. We can release limiting beliefs
3. When we release limiting beliefs, it is important to replace them with positive beliefs
4. It is important to bring those limiting beliefs into our conscious awareness.
5. It doesn’t have to be hard to release limiting beliefs- sometimes just bringing them into conscious awareness is enough to release some of them.

Day 5 of the Fall Success Summit featured Renee Shupe discussing Your Business, Your Life. My takeaways from Renee’s presentation:

1. Stop talking and planning…take action.
2. Know what you don’t want to do.
3. Know what is important to you.
4. Go for balance…and it means different things to different people.
5. Keep your sense of humor.

Day 6 of the Fall Success Summit featured Melanie Kissell speaking about Your Digital Body Language- Biz Blogging For Success. My takeaways from Melanie’s presentation are:

1. Convey the message in your blog that you are approachable, here to serve, and you  want to get to know people better.
2. Use your real name.
3. Have contact information available.
4. Give away free stuff with your Opt In box.
5. Fill your blog with information rich content that educates.

Day 7 of the Fall Success Summit featured Michelle Shaeffer discussing Building Successful Biz Relationships Online My takeaways from Michelle’s presentation are:

1. Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge
2. Be a giver – help others out
3. Reward people who comment on your blog
4. Offer multiple ways to connect
5. Be your authentic you!

Day 8 of the Fall Success Summit featured Chantal Beaupre discussing the Secret Code to Happiness and Success. Here are my takeaways from her presentation:

1. Your thoughts largely establish your emotional state.
2. You can diligently work to change your thoughts.
3. We carry around a lot of false thoughts.
4. When we add “story” to a fact, is when we attach an emotion.
5. People really can change their thoughts.

Day 9 of the Fall Success Summit featured Doug Jarvie, as he discussed methods for intentional living. My takeaways from his presentation:

1. Put a plan in place.
2. Have someone hold you accountable.
3. Visualize your goals.
4. Know how you spend your time- make decisions on how you want to spend your time.
5.Study how you spend your money- this gives you big clues on what is important to you. Is this in alignment with your core values?

The Final Day of the Fall Success Summit featured Janet Nestor, author of the book, Pathways to Wholeness. My takeaways from her presentation:

  1. It is important to get centered.
  2. Mindfulness creates success.
  3. Living with mindfulness brings happiness.
  4. Start and end your day with an intention.
  5. Listen for your next thought…

Want to make these guests part of your success library where you can listen anytime you need inspiration?

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Thank you again, I am always so honored, humbled, and blessed with the Summits. This is Summit number four and each summit has yielded aha moments, mini miracles, paradigm shifts, and so much positive energy for all involved. If you attended the Fall Success Summit- I would love to hear about your successes during this two week event- Please share…


Sheri Kaye Hoff,

Life Coach and Author of Keys to Living Joyfully




Meet Ten Top Success Experts

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”
Pamela Vaull Starr

Meet the Ten Top Success Experts of the Fall Success Summit- Free Virtual Event. You can hear them live Nov 1-Nov 12


Lena Salonikas: Your Roadmap to Success. When you go on a trip, you map out the directions for the best path to take and then follow them. Too often on our life’s path, we aimlessly reach for success without knowing what success even means to us or how we’ll know when we get there. Learn what the key elements are to creating your roadmap to success and living your life with purpose, passion and inspiration. 

Lena Salonikas is a Success Coach and Mind Trainer. Her background in corporate America and in Training and Development, combined with expertise in Reiki, hypnosis and the Law of Attraction, gives her a unique perspective on creating flow between logical and esoteric thoughts and actions. With these various modalities, Lena works with her clients to blend their practical knowledge and spiritual guidance, resulting in greater success and living a life of inspired prosperity. www.lenasalonikas.com

 Chantal Beaupre: The Secret Code to Happiness and Emotional Wellness. Chantal Beaupre is an Emotional Mastery Coach, a Naturopath, an Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, and a business partner of Bob Proctor-as seen in “The Secret” movie. Her passion is to provide men and women who are ready to raise their level of happiness and improve the quality of their lives with practical tools, challenging ideas, resources, and helpful information through the power of the Internet.

Chantal’s newest eBook, “It’s The Thought That Counts!,” co-authored with Ali Brown, Eva Gregory, Guy Finley, Jeanna Gabellini, Jim Donovan, Dr. Joe Rubino, Kathleen Gage, Mary Allen, Sheri Kaye Hoff, and a host of other leading experts in the happiness arena can be found for FREE on her website. http://www.chantalbeaupre.com



 Michele Caron: The Only Constant is YOU. Life is filled with uncertainty.  Learn how to always be connected to a unlimited source of Joy, Energy, Love and Wisdom…By being connected to You.  When you are centered on yourself, nothing can knock you off your game, and success is always yours for the taking.  Perfect for anyone experiencing major change…And who isn’t?  🙂

Michele is the founder of www.MyLifeCoach.com , one of Google’s top coaching websites.  She has coached hundreds of individuals to lives of connection, inspiration, joy and success.  Whether clients come to Coach Michele looking for a career change, improved relationships, financial success or deep fulfillment, she always helps them start with the most crucial thing first:  Learning to be happy and joyful.  Once joy is the norm, all the success in the world follows.  Coach Michele’s practical, intuitive and transformational approach will inspire you towards living your ideal life.


Renee Shupe: Your Business, Your Life – embracing your strengths and building a business that fits you, your personality and who you are to the world. We often start our business with an idea of what it should look like, but then find ourselves struggling with a business that doesn’t fit with who we are and what we represent to the world.  “Be who you are and say what you mean, for those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”, a quote from Dr. Seuss.  This is Renee’s motto for her life.  

While early on Renee struggled to identify who she was and what she wanted to be when she grew up, she came into her stride.  Taking her experience as a successful administrative professional and acknowledging her love to help others succeed, Renee embraced all of her skills and built her business, Redhead Business Solutions, providing savvy solutions for blogs, websites, newsletters & eBooks. Renee’s business has evolved from providing coaching services to providing solutions for building blogs, websites and other online communications for her clients.  http://www.facebook.com/redheadbusinessmanagement 


Tomar Levine: Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life. Tomar Levine is a Life Purpose, Career, and Creativity Coach, a published author, exhibiting artist, speaker and teacher. As a midlife renewal and empowerment expert, Tomar helps people in the second half of life find their purpose, reclaim their dreams, and fulfill their highest potential. As a late bloomer herself, she is living proof that it’s never too late to bloom, to find your true work and give your gifts to the world.

Tomar is a contributing author of the best-selling book, Overcomers, Inc.: True Stories of Hope, Courage, and Inspiration. Her chapter is titled “Growing Up After Fifty: It’s Never Too Late to Bloom.” She is currently creating an illustrated fable, The Flowering Apple Tree: It’s Never Too Late to Bloom, and is working on a book, Your Time to Bloom: A Woman’s Guide to Living Your Purpose and Giving Your Gifts At Midlife and Beyond. www.YourTimeToBloom.com


Melanie Kissell-  Your Digital Body Language for Business Blogging Success. Melanie believes a sense of humor is a person’s best asset. She’s a recovering perfectionist, blog challenge addict, social media junkie, and proofreader extraordinaire. She shares budget-friendly marketing strategies and blogging basics with tenacious and passionate women entrepreneurs who are short on time, exhausted, and tapped out financially.  

Melanie is a single mom, big dog lover, Nascar fan, and Tweet ghostwriter.  She has spent over a quarter of a century in the business of babies –engaging, educating, and entertaining audiences of pregnant couples as a Perinatal Instructor and Lactation Specialist. Melanie is a rare find as a stand-up comic childbirth educator. Stop by and knock on her door at Solo Mompreneur.


Michelle Shaeffer has been designing websites and helping businesses and non-profits build their online presences since 1993. She’s a whiz with WordPress, a Star Trek junkie, and loves helping other small businesses succeed online. From social networking to internet marketing to websites and info products she’s got the answers to your questions. Currently Michelle Co- Promotes the Ultimate Blog Challenge and is an avid blogger.

Depending on the time of day you might find her designing logos and websites, homeschooling her three children, chatting on Twitter, managing her website hosting company, or playing with her kids in the beautiful Alaskan sunshine while enjoying a frappucino. In addition to a hopeless addiction to Starbucks, she’s also a fan of political thriller novels and the Deadliest Catch. Catch up with everything she’s into online at michelleshaeffer.com


Doug Jarvie: Steps to Intentionally Living a Joyful and Productive Life. Doug Jarvie with the Success Mastery Company enriches lives by empowering individuals and companies to recognize their peak potential and achieve a life of excellence. In a culture based on integrity, accountability and innovation, they can create the success they dream of and deserve. Doug has worked as:- Manager of Engineering of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems – Instructor in electronic technology.

Doug is a member of International Association of Coaching® and a graduate of University of Waterloo  – B.SC. Hon, Physics; DeVry Institute – Electronics  EET; Centennial College –  eCommerce; Fowler Wainwright  – CPP, CSP



Janet Gallagher Nestor, MA:  Pathways to Wholeness.  Janet is a licensed professional counselor who believes in the natural approach to mental health whenever possible. She knows that healing begins when the individual is ready to take the most important journey of their life: the journey within. Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Mindfulness are integral parts of the author’s therapeutic philosophy.

The author is a trained energy medicine practitioner and holds a Diplomat in Energy Psychology through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She is part of the development team for Radiant Energies Balance, an energy psychology that calms the autonomic nervous system, producing internal balance by regulating the adrenal response. Ms. Nestor is married, the mother of two daughters and the grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren.  www.centerofwellbeingonline.com


Stephanie Mojica: Everyone is a Writer at Heart- Tap the Writer in You- Learn 3 Secrets to Great Content. Stephanie Mojica is an award-winning journalist and experienced film producer who covered 9/11 and the 2008 presidential campaign. Mojica won a Virginia Press Association news writing award in 2002 for her coverage of  the “Red Horse” military plane crash for “The Virginian-Pilot;” she also interviewed Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008 for the Louisville-area daily newspapers “The Evening News” and “The Tribune.”

Her additional writing credits include USAToday.com, SFGate.com, “The Courier-Journal,” “Louisville Magazine,” “Daily Press,” “Military Review,” and “Campus Safety Journal.”  Mojica has enhanced her training with several short-term fellowships, including with the Investigative Reporters and Editors through a fellowship funded by “The Chicago Tribune” in 2000 and the Native American Journalists Association “Native Voices” project in 2010. As of fall 2010, she has published more than 4,500 articles, including 1,700 in print publications. http://www.prosperitynowcoach.com



Your Host- Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A., CGCL:  Live Successfully and Joyfully Every Day- No Matter What .Sheri Kaye Hoff is a Life Coach, Author, and College Professor. Coach Sheri suffered the tragic loss and pain of  discovering her brother after his suicide death and she eventually rediscovered what it means to live a life of joy and success. She authored and published Keys to Living Joyfully , which is available on Amazon. Sheri is the creator of the The Your Path to Success Membership site, The Coaches Corner: Grow Your Biz Workshop,  and the How to Write a Book Fast and Fabulously workshop.  She is the author and publisher of the eBook Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Top Life Coaching Tips. She has appeared as a guest blogger on over 20 blogs, and has been featured in the Chicago Sun Times, The Coaching Chronicle, and How to Sell Your Book blog. Additionally, she is also the author of several blogs, numerous articles, poems, and short stories. Coach Sheri focuses on a flow creative process and working with inspired motivation. She is able to teach and inspire others to tap their creativity, while living joyfully and successfully every day. She presents writing, joyful living and creativity workshops to individuals, writing clubs, life coaches, executive retreats, and many others. Coach Sheri has an MA in Organizational Management. www.lifeisjoyful.org , www.sherikayehoff.com

Women and Stress guest blog by @JanetNestor

Janet Nestor has returned as a guest blogger for me today with a superb article on Women and Stress. You can meet Janet  live on the free Fall Success Summit

Solutions: Women and Stress

by Janet Gallagher Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP

Most women are multi-taskers.  Our culture says we can do it all: Get a good education, be an engaging conversationalist, be beautiful, marry, have children, keep a size 6 figure, have a career, clean the house, drive the car pool and be a home room mother.  Even more stressful, we are expected to do it all well … and sometimes all in the same day!  Even after the children are grown, the facts remain the same.  We are expected to have a life that is overflowing and too busy for one person to handle comfortably.

For women, stress seems to create a need to “nest”.  This urge is much like the “nesting” we do prior to giving birth and centers on the overwhelming urge to create comfort.  We are caretakers by nature, so we often reduce our stress by nurturing others.  This habit can become a catch 22 because we get caught between our own comfort needs and the need to comfort others. We give of ourselves when we have nothing left to give and then wonder why we feel drained, confused, exhausted,  anxious and sick.   I remember sitting around chatting with a group of girl friends when we all were young wives.  One of our group was the mother of two pre-school children, employed and  married to an executive.  He worked long grueling hours and she was left to juggle her job, parenting, and household chores. Near tears, she explained her day that began before dawn, her deep physical exhaustion and her need to be a supportive and loving wife.  She said, “My husband does not understand why I need his support or why I have to take a nap so I have enough energy for a romantic evening!” I understood, and I bet you do too.

Some of us get so busy and so disengaged from our feelings that we don’t recognize that we’re anxious or angry.  We run on auto pilot and our bodies are in flight or flight and churned up, ready for anything that comes along.  We stay in flight or fight for days and weeks at a time because we have so many things to do and so little time to get them done.  We feel stress in our bodies, but the origins are comprehensive.  A certain amount of stress is a natural part of life, but stress can get out-of-hand.  Here are some of the symptoms and results of prolonged and untreated stress.

  • Irregular and/or painful periods, difficulty getting pregnant, loss of sexual desire
  • Neck and back pain, headaches
  • Sleep difficulties – restlessness, insomnia, chronic fatigue
  • Weakened immune system, exacerbation of arthritis
  • Breathing problems, including asthma attacks
  • Mood swings, temper tantrums, paranoia, depression and isolation
  • Digestive problems – irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, bloating
  • Eating disorders, substance abuse and addictions
  • Anxiety or panic attacks with difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, dizziness, chills and sweats
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure 

If you worry about stress and some of the items on the list above sound familiar,  take heart. There are ways to regain your life and health.  Here are some very effective stress busters.

Realize that you always have options.  Knowing that we have the ability to choose reduces stress.  There are always alternative solutions.  We have the right to say yes and the right to say no.  We have the right to be happy, the right to change our minds or make any thoughtful,  positive self-supporting decision.

Encourage your body’s production of Endorphins  Endorphins, amino acid and natural analgesic, create elevated mood, a sense of overall well-being and reduce our perception of pain.  We don’t have to run 5 miles to achieve the famous runner’s high.   Endorpins begin to flow with deep breathing, laughter, meditation, acupuncture treatments, chiropractic adjustments,  massage, eating spicy foods or chocolate, and they are responsible for our sexual gratification.

Have fun with your girl friends  Research indicates that women reduce their stress through nurturing female relationships. We can talk honestly with our friends, sharing our problems, hopes and dreams.  Women friends encourage each other, support each other, provide an intimacy that is necessary in our lives and increase our sense of self-worth by providing a sense of belonging.

Adopt abundance thinking  We view our glass as half full, our life as an evolving process, our attempts as a stride forward, and our challenges as teachers.  Abundance thinking keeps us in a positive place.  A wait in the grocery line provides time to plan dinner.  A traffic jam allows time to do a breathing exercises.  A burnt casserole gives us an opportunity to treat the kids to pizza.  With abundance thinking there is always enough of everything for everyone.

Spend some time alone every day  Spending time alone in meditation and contemplation is “inner awareness school”.  We learn what makes us happy and we embrace our personal morals and values.  We begin to understand the people, places and things that create inner joy or conflict.  We recognize and embrace our inner wisdom and learn to apply it in every day life.

Work at a job that feels like a hobby and provides a pay check  Choose work as a vehicle for creating health and well-being. We don’t have to have a college education to accomplish this, nor do we have to be born with a silver spoon to think this way.  Choose a job or a career that gives back emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

Learn to maintain a “total person” point of view  We are mind, body, spirit, personality, heart and emotion.  We are creative and powerful.  Within each of us is the answer to every problem because we are programed with the capability to maintain health and well-being.  We are whole people, and we live from our highest self when we respect that wholeness. 

Seek professional help when you need it  Most of us put off taking care of ourselves in order to take care of our children, our parents, our life partner, our friends and our communities.  Don’t be afraid to explore your options.  Professionals work for you, so ask questions.  Get several consultations before you choose the counselor, doctor or dentist best suited to meet your needs. You are your own best advocate.

 Try healing activities  Yoga and the martial arts stretch us physically and encourage higher levels of self-awareness.  Yoga can help us handle anxiety and depression.  Tai chi is a great modality for individuals with post traumatic stress.

 Energy psychology and energy medicine  Energy psychology and energy methodologies like Healing Touch have improved the quality of life for millions of people world wide. They help with chronic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues by improving sleep, positive attitude, self awareness and self efficacy.

For more information about anxiety and stress check out these resources.

Janet’s Contact Information:

office website:  www.centerofwellbeingonline.com

Pathways to Wholeness on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/c9cyP6

To hear Janet live on the free Fall Success Telesummit: Click Here


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor


Choose Wholeness guest blog by @JanetNestor

I have a terrrific guest blogger today: Janet Gallagher Nestor (Janet is featured on my upcoming Free Fall Success Summit) Enjoy Janet’s featured blog:

Choose Wholeness! 

What happens if I believe I am physically, emotionally and spiritually whole?   Better yet, what if I take a leap of faith and I think, behave, make choices, and live within the belief that I am whole, healthy, secure, peaceful, loving and lovable?



We are born from silence.

If we live from the silence within, we know our wholeness lives there too.

It is limitless, eternal, trustworthy, joyous, compassionate, loving and real.

Wholeness is not broken.

It cannot be broken, as each piece is part of the whole and contains the mystery of the whole.

We cannot run from wholeness or turn away from it.

It goes with us, because we are wholeness.

I look at my finger and it is not only a finger. It is a part of a hand that is part of an arm, that is part of a  shoulder, that is part of a body, that is part of creation, and creation is wholeness.

This truth is challenging to understand. We cannot find wholeness because it is not lost.

We are wholeness. When our mind is quiet and still, our heart is open, and our trust is strong, trust turns and looks straight into our eyes and speaks, “Here I am, I am wholeness. I have always been here. I was

with you before you were born and I remain throughout time, because I am you.”

It is up to us to live our life in wholeness … to turn to it, and grasp it, through conscious living.

Wholeness is the part of us that we touch from time to time when we pray, meditate and contemplate.

The more we touch our wholeness, the more we believe in its existence. It is our belief in the existence of our wholeness that makes us whole.

 Most of us have the same basic goals in life:  Good health, happiness, comfortable home, loving family, enough money to provide the life style we choose and the personal freedom to obtain our goals as we see fit.  We want to laugh and have fun.  We want to be personally powerful.  We want to believe in and feel connected to something greater than ourselves.  We want to know our authentic self and live within that knowledge.  We want to be loved and nurtured.  We want to be a functioning human being.

What are the elements of wholeness?  Some of them are mentioned in the poem Belief and others are associated with what we might call our virtues, our positive personality attributes.  You and I might define and experience wholeness differently, but we both want it.  I like to image the elements of wholeness as the leaves on the Tree of Life.  Maybe the following ideas are some of the elements of wholeness that we all share. 

  • Connection and belief
  • Feeling rooted and grounded in life
  • Feeling centered (within our energy field)
  • Unity and Synchronicity 
  • Laughter and joy
  • Peacefulness
  • Clarity of mind
  • Open flow of communication
  • Silence within
  • Trust
  • Conscious living

There is an exercise that I teach to those I work with in therapy.  I would like to share the activity with you.  Close your eyes and envision your body.  What do you see?  If you see yourself from head to toe, all parts working, you are exceptional.  Many of us don’t see our whole self when we form and inner image.  We might only see our head and shoulders. Perhaps our feet our missing from our body or we can’t see our face.  Some of us perceive our body, but we can’t image it.  If you are unable to see your whole self when you close your eyes, I encourage you to keep practicing the image until you are able to see your whole self with all parts working.  Maybe even see your image in full living color.  See the texture of your clothing, the color of your eyes, the smile on your lips.  When this wholeness image is normal and natural to you, you will be at a whole new level of functioning and living because your mental picture of yourself will be that of a whole person, living and functioning with all your parts working together.  When you think about it, that is quite an advanced accomplishment. 

Adapting a mindful, conscious and aware lifestyle helps each of us to achieve our life goals.  Some people say to me, “If I loose my edge, become peaceful and content, I’ll never get where I am going. My motivation, my will to achieve, will be gone”.  The opposite is true.  When we become peaceful and content, what we want out of life is clear and real to us and the barriers to our goals seem to melt away.  We no longer perceive barriers as barriers.  We simply see life as life and make positive, life-giving decisions.  Our view of life is now one of abundance instead of scarcity.  There is enough of everything, including time, to achieve our innermost dreams …  as long as those dreams are honest, positive, and productive for  ourselves and the world as a whole.  This is as true for a banker, a professional athlete, a construction worker and a housewife as it is for a monk living in a cloistered spiritual community.

   “Joy is within each of us all the time.  We learn we can touch joy at any moment we choose to touch it”

Janet Gallagher Nestor


Pathways to Wholeness on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/c9cyP6

To experience Janet live and to hear other top success experts: Sign up for the Free Fall Success Telesummit. Click Here


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL Life Coach, Author, College Professor