Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled

Relax book coverI have a new book coming out next week called Relax Into Inspired Action: Connect the Pieces, and Live Fulfilled. (Watch for the launch on April 2). In the book I share some stories of how people connect the pieces in their lives.

Over my years as a coach and my experience in training and development, I have witnessed and cultivated a process called connecting the pieces and living fulfilled.

During this process you learn to put together all of the pieces that make you feel alive and passionate in your life into a business or career where you make a meaningful difference and are well compensated for your contribution to this world.

My own Connecting the Pieces story:

My clients know me as “action Sheri”. I have owned my company since 2007, my books are available internationally, my podcast is global, and I work with my ideal clients every day. I take vacations (lots of vacations). I feel spiritually connected and happy. I golf. I read books. I hang out with friends. I am close to my husband and children and involved in their lives… But it wasn’t always this way. I didn’t always have it together. (And I don’t always have it together every minute of the day, now).

What drove me to carve out the life I live today? Pain.

My own world was shattered when I was 17 and I came home from school one day to find my younger brother after his suicide death. My identity was lost. I lost trust in everything (even God). It felt like I was on shaky ground all of the time. Our family was grief stricken. However, I did have one glimmer of light… I knew at a deep level… that I would not let this beat me. I would get up again. I would survive. I didn’t imagine ever being truly happy. I thought, if I got to OK, where I didn’t cry every day, I would be doing pretty good. I still went to college. I still went to work. I had some fantastic people in my life that lifted me up when I stumbled.

Then one day, I didn’t need to be lifted up anymore. I was on the road to getting better. I was okay.

My world shifted again when I was pregnant with my first daughter in 1994. I was on bed-rest and my mother gave me a copy of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits book. And it was the first time since my brother died, that I made the connection regarding the power of thoughts. This book set me on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. I was inspired to continue my schooling earning my Master’s and my PhD. I made it my life-long quest to discover what makes people happy and why some people are successful and other’s struggle.

I made the connection between thoughts and happiness. It was like a light bulb turned on and I realized that I could be happy if I decided to be happy. I even wrote my first book on happiness, Keys to Living Joyfully. I not only was okay, I was happy.

My early career was a hodge-podge of jobs with each one teaching me something about myself. Eventually, I moved to a career in management, and then I made the move to a career in higher education, and then training and development.

I felt, still, like I was missing something. I prayed and meditated about it. I woke up one morning in 2007 and knew I would start my own coaching and training company. I have never looked back. I had a learning curve and many challenges. It took me months to land my first client. I cried tears of frustration in the beginning. I had to learn how to market my own business which was much more challenging than sales and marketing for someone else. I had to work on my own sense of worthiness and conquer my fears, but it was exciting. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I thrived as I saw my clients change their lives and grow their businesses.

After a couple years of growing my company, I had another realization. I was working too many hours. There was a part of me that felt that I had to work really hard for success. I just couldn’t do it anymore, though.

I needed more balance. I dug deep, and I decided that I was going to do all of the things I really wanted to do. If that meant golfing three times a week or taking frequent vacations, I was going to do it.

My business didn’t miss a beat. In fact, it grew. When I was taking care of me and having fun, the energy of my business responded to that. I am still a queen of action, but I am relaxed about it. And I only act when I am in the inspired action state.

Every choice has a purpose. Every move is deliberate. I am deliberating creating my business and life every day.

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

Business Coach and Author


P.S. Look for the book launch next week:)

Kindling Your Passion Living Inspired Series


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

This is the Living Inspired series on  my blog. Each day for 7 days I am featuring an inspiring audio or video.  Today’s audio is on Kindling Your Passion from my Hot Coaching Topics . You probably have noticed that when you feel passion, it is easy to take inspired action and rapidly move forward. And when passion is absent, it can be really difficult to take the actions needed. So one huge part of success it to ignite your passion. This audio will help you do that (no opt-in required). Click Here



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

The Inspired Action Success Coach

Your Path to Success eZine Quiz Contest Winner

Sunday morning when I sent out my Your Path to Success eZine- I included a quiz- the first person who answered all the questions correctly via email won $25 cash.

The winner was Bonnie Gortler


Here are the questions and answers.

eZine Quiz:

1. What is question #3 in my Survey featured in this newsletter?

Which Training/Coaching Formats Do You Prefer? (select more than 1 by using the ctrl key).

2. What is the featured affirmation?

I live each day with more peace, passion, energy, and joy.

3. Finish this sentence: True prosperity is a combination of________________________

True prosperity is a combination of actions and choices that raise our energy vibration and increase our sense of connection with Source

4. What is one key to a vision board that works (according to this issue’s Coaching Tip?)

Create a vision board- use very colorful poster board- the background should be what you a drawn to- green, red, and yellow are colors of prosperity… orange- a color for healing… pink- love…. blue – intellectual…purple- spiritual… but you can choose what you are drawn too.

Congrats Bonnie:) and thank you to everyone who participated.

Click Here to view my most current eZine issues.



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff PhD.

The Inspired Action Success Coach 

Transcend Old Stories with this Simple Method


Feeling stuck with some limiting beliefs or “old stories” playing around in your head?

You can transcend old stories by using a very simple, yet effective method-  an affirmation:

Close your eyes- put your hand over your heart, take a few deep breathes.

Say “ I am now completely free of all of my old stories. I am transcending them now. I am moving to a higher level of consciousness. I am free now from any limiting beliefs, any old stories that I am consciously aware of and any that are below the surface on the unconscious level. I am completely free right now.”

Did you shift? Use that new sense of freedom to step into action.  Move into action. It is okay to try things and everything does not have to be perfect. You are not going to have a great inspired life if you don’t get out there and act on your inspiration.




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7 Days of Jump Starting your New Year

Welcome to January’s 7 Day Jump Start (you can use this Jump Start anytime you feel like you need to get back on track and find the lightness and happiness in your life- it doesn’t have to be at the start of the New Year). Each Day for the next 7 days- I will feature a jump start tip/activity/exercise to help you really get your energy moving and bring you closer to your goals.


Day 1:

Pull out your bucket list (if you haven’t created this yet- I highly recommend that you take the time to make a list of 100 things you want to do/accomplish/experience in your life time). Pick one to work on today- be sure you are super excited about the one you pick. Do something to make it happen. Don’t be afraid to pick one of your bigger goals. Starting on a bigger goal like hiking a 14’er could be researching hiking clubs or taking your first hike.  The point here, is to do something. You are taking action and creating some excitement in your life.

I created my bucket list awhile ago- in 2009 and I cross things off my list as I accomplish them. I do add things to my list periodically  and I also take things off if I no longer am interested in them. I experienced a day last week- where I actually completed three items on my bucket list in one day… it was pretty cool. One of my most recent bucket list items was to hire a personal trainer. I enjoyed my first workout with my trainer last night and absolutely loved it.

What one thing will you work on today?



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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Zap the Procrastination Bug Guest Blog

Please enjoy this guest blog from my friend and colleague, Chantal Beaupre:

Did you ever feel like you wanted to join the Procrastinator’s Club, but never quite got around to it? At some point in time, procrastination plagues us all, some more than others, but everyone at some point gets a bite from the bug.

We’ve all heard the quote, “Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?” For some of us, this is the only motivation we really need – while others struggle with putting things off for weeks, months, or even years.

Procrastination doesn’t have to be a way of life for you; you can overcome it. With a little focus and a rational, self-helping attitude, coupled with some practical tips and techniques, procrastination can be a thing of the past.

Here are five strategies you can use today to help you bite the procrastination bug back:

1. Set small goals. Many times, we feel overwhelmed with a task, so we continue to put it off until we have no choice but to complete it.

Now throw on all the new projects we received while we were putting off the first project, and we have a prime equation for some serious procrastination.

Setting small, quickly achievable goals can help you avoid procrastinating in the first place so you don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some tips for setting those small goals:

  • Break your big project up into smaller steps. These steps can be completed systematically one at a time. Make sure you have well-defined end points for each smaller goal; that way you have something to keep you going.
  • Setting small goals most likely provides you with a feeling of accomplishment as they’re attained. With each individual success, you feel better about what you were able to achieve, and this helps to motivate you to continue.
  • Giving yourself break points allows you to focus on each individual task and helps taking the overwhelming feeling out of the job. In addition, they give you a prime place to get up, move around, and refresh yourself for the next step.

2. Avoid distractions. We all do it. We sit down to start working, but have to get back up and grab some coffee. Then we sit back down and check email, then voice mail, and then email again just to make sure no one sent a message while we were checking the voice mail. How long did that take?

Try checking your email only twice a day instead of every five minutes. You most definitely want to give yourself some time to focus!

Get everything you want, need, or think you might need before you sit down to start working so you can concentrate.

3. Delegate. Start giving some of your responsibilities to others instead of hogging them for yourself and creating more anxiety in the process. Anxiety leads to procrastination, procrastination leads to tight deadlines, and tight deadlines most often lead to more anxiety; it’s a vicious cycle.

4. Keep a list. A constant reminder of the things you really want to do is a great way to avoid procrastination. A small pocket notebook or even a note card works wonders for list keeping.

Keeping a list puts your daily to-dos in front of you at all times for quick reference.

Include your small goals on your list. Get started early each day completing those small, easy goals. Doesn’t it feel great to scratch through the things you’ve completed? Before you know it, the whole list is marked off!

5. Turn it off. When you’re done for the day, shut down everything work related. Don’t take it home if you can help it. Turn your brain off at the end of your workday. By giving your brain a break, you help avoid over exhaustion and keep your mind fresh for the next day.

Spend some time doing the things you love to recharge your batteries for the next day.

Pick one or two of these techniques and try them out for three weeks. Studies have shown it takes 21 days to form a habit and if you truly want to beat procrastination, you have to make productivity a habit.

When you’ve made a habit of one of the strategies, pick out another one, and before you know it, you’ll be the personification of productive!

Chantal Beaupre is an Emotional Mastery Coach, a Naturopath, an Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, and a business partner of Bob Proctor – as seen in “The Secret” movie.

I so appreciate that Chantal shared her guest blog today.



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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