12 Days of Christmas Cheer Day – Tap your personal power

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cheer Giveaway

Each day through Dec 27, I will offer a coaching tip on a self-growth topic, plus a free downloadable gift and a special discount on my coaching products. On the final day, I will be holding a drawing from all of the blog comments and will be giving out a $25 Amazon gift card to a drawing prize winner. Enter the drawing by commenting on the blog posts. (Note- One comment per day per person will be entered into the drawing).

Today’s Tip:

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”  Napoleon Hill

I watched part of National Lampoon’s Christmas show late last night with the ever troubled character that Chevy Chase plays. Disaster and crazy happenings seem to follow him around. We laugh and giggle at the movie. When watching the movie, most people can look at their own holiday gatherings and their own lives and have a sense of thinking “at least my life is not that bad or my family is not that crazy.”

When you look a little deeper at the movie though, the theme taps the idea that events happen to people and people are the victims of their outer circumstances. In fact, the nicer you are are- the more disaster happens to strike. Chevy Chase’s character is a likable, funny, and normal guy- and nothing ever works out quite like he wants it to work out.

If  we look at Napoleon Hill’s quote that I provided above,  it directly contrasts with the messages that we receive in mainstream media and entertainment.  His quote reminds us that we do have great personal power. Don’t give it away and mostly don’t let it just fade away because you don’t use it.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. You are empowered every moment of every day.  Identify and align yourself with strength and the idea that you are a powerful, deliberate creator.  Journal Exercise Prompt: Ask yourself, “What do I want to create?”

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12 Days of Christmas Cheer Giveaway

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Happy Holidays and I am sending you loving thoughts and rich blessings.

It’s that time again. Today is the first day of my Christmas Cheer Giveaway. Each day for the next 12 days, I will offer a coaching tip on a self-growth topic, plus a free downloadable gift and a special discount on my coaching products. On the final day, I will be holding a drawing from all of the blog comments and giving out a $25 Amazon gift card to a drawing prize winner on the final day. Enter the drawing by commenting on the blog posts. Note- One comment per day per person will be entered into the drawing).

Today’s Tip: Empowerment

Approach your goals from a place of “desire” instead of “need”. Desire is an empowering emotion whereas need is a desperate emotion.  How can you move from need to desire? This is challenging for many since we often say things like ” I need money for groceries, to pay the bills, and to buy and do what I want.” To feel desire is to know your specific  “why”. Instead of thinking “I need money for a down payment on a new houses; try this, “I love the idea of a new house in the country because I will be able to entertain large groups of my friends, hold retreats, and write in a quiet, secluded area.”

Any need can be change to a statement of desire. Allow burning desires to develop and you will soon find yourself manifesting your goals in ways that seem natural and flowing rather than forced.

If you feel like you are forcing things to happen, that is a huge clue that you are operating from a place of need.

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12 Days of Christmas: Empowerment



Welcome to Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas:

In addition to each daily special, I am also holding a drawing contest. Every time you comment on the blog until Dec 24, 2012- your name will be entered into the drawing. On Dec 25, 2012 I will announce the Grand Prize Winner. The grand prize package is: I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate or you can choose a Starbuck’s $25 Gift Certificate, plus the grand prize winner will also receive the Golden Mindset eCourse which is a $497 value (you can choose to use the ecourse or give it to someone else as a gift).

Today’s Coaching Tip: How to Get and Stay Empowered

In order to be and live empowered every day, you have got to take action and create the feeling that you are in charge of your life. You are the CEO of your own life and the master of your own destiny. This means that you have to step out of any blame game that you have been playing and decide that you are going to take charge of your life and any situations you face. You always have choices.

If you think you are a take charge kind of person- notice areas in your life where you feel like you are “waiting” for someone else’s decision or action. See if there is a way to be more proactive. You will feel better and the more you do this- the more empowered you become.  There is another secret to this- once you take action and make a decision- you have to let go and release the outcome. An example of this is a student who studies very hard for a test and takes every step to be prepared. Once the student takes the test… the outcome is out of that student’s hands. He or she has given a best effort- and in that moment there is empowerment- knowing you did everything you could.

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A Key to Achievement- Empowerment

Move your goals into real accomplishments. What does it take to move your dreams into reality? Over the this week’s blog entries- I am going to be talking about keys to achievement.  Today’s topic: Empowerment.

A key to achievement is to feel empowered about your goals- you feel that you have the power and the skills (or are willing to acquire the skills) to accomplish your goals. Take out your top ten list of goals and review them right now. If you look at your goals list and do not feel empowered- you have some tweaking to do.

To increase your feelings of empowerment, when you think about what it will take to achieve your goals; make a list of the skills that you already have and then write a list of the skills you need to learn. Create a development plan for learning. Create a list of the help that you need. Ask yourself- “Am I willing to do and learn what it takes to achieve these goals?” As you affirm your willingness, also take time to reflect on a specific time in the recent past when you truly felt empowered around a goal and achieved it. These simple steps will pave the way to feeling power around your goals.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.


12 Days of Christmas Coaching Tip: Create an Empowering, Goal Achieving Mindset

Please enjoy today’s 12 Days of Christmas Coaching Tip: Create an Empowering, Goal Achieving Mindset

Your mindset is your most powerful ally or enemy in your life. You do have the ability to successfully manage your thought life. I encourage you to use this life-changing paradigm immediately.

The work you do in creating an empowering, goal achieving mindset, yields immediate results. You will rapidly move yourself towards your goals as you continuously affirm  what it is that you want and remove your focus from what you do not want.

Make an effort to use positive language in your self-talk and your conversations with others. Turn everything into a focus on the desired outcome and not on what you want to avoid.

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What Does Your Expression Reveal About You?

Do you ever notice that when you are people watching, you can often successfully predict a person’s success and happiness by looking at the expression on their faces? People with perpetual frowns seem to have faces that are permanently shaped into a frown, their faces droop, mouths turned down, eyes droop, shoulders slump… yet happy people seem to twinkle…they may have laugh lines and smile lines… I have also found that when I interact with people who seem to be in a perpetual frown…they are angry- glass half empty people.

Look in a mirror…what does your mirror tell you? (this is not the time to be critical of wrinkles, any perceived defects, etc) just notice the energy vibration of your expression. Does your expression tell a story of light, love and fun or does your expression exude strain, stress, unhappiness? This is yet another tool of self awareness…to help you to know YOU…so you can consciously choose how you think and be on a daily basis. (Note: some people have medical conditions that impact expression- and of course this expression analysis wouldn’t necessarily apply).

What do you do if you notice that you do have a strained expression…maybe you have a strained life right now, too? You can consciously work to relax those muscles. Sometimes I notice that when I am trying to solve a complex problem- my eyebrows seem to get tightened together and create lines of fierce concentration (I have a friend who is a surgeon and this happens to her every time she performs surgery). What I do is – I lightly apply pressure with my index finger between my eyebrows until the muscles relax.  The point is that the face reflects stress…and if you do nothing to alleviate the stress- the tension is not only building up in your face, but also in your body, mind and spirit. 

As you increase your awareness, you become empowered to affect change.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Life Coach and Author. www.lifeisjoyful.org