12 Ways to Boost 2013 into your Best Year Ever

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According to Brian Tracy and many other success experts, the most successful people invest in themselves- in training, education, and experiences. As you look at the year ahead, what are you doing for you? What are doing to keep your mental focus where it needs to be? What are your plans for personal growth?

Why not, make this the best year ever. Achieve your goals- really, this time, instead of having them remain on your list for a seemingly endless period of time. Get the support you need, when you need it.

With my  Hot Coaching Topics Audio program you will get 12 – 20 minute audios-

on  hot coaching topics to help you optimize:

Your mindset,

Your decision making,

Your goal setting, and

Your achievements.

Your  Hot Coaching  Topics include:

  • Cultivating A Winning Mindset
  • Developing Your Intuition for Better Decision Making
  • Creating High Trust Environments that Support You and the People Around You.
  • Kindling Your Passion
  • Setting the Right Goals
  • The Role of Fear in a Successful Person’s Life
  • Overcoming Frustration and Other Negative Emotions
  • Recognizing that Your Beliefs are Your Operating System
  • Getting and Staying Inspired When Facing Challenges
  • Creating What You Want in Your Life
  • Powering Up… Staying Empowered No Matter What
  • Your Crowning Achievements… What will they be?

Each audio is also infused with energy to align you with your success.

You have the opportunity today to get this Hot Coaching Topics Audio Program Special for the extreme value price of only one payment of $57 (regular price is $197)- you will save $140. This special price will go away soon, so why wait? Get it now to lock in your savings. That averages out to be only $4.75 per audio. 

  • Plus You will get my Inspired Action mp3 value $12 
  • Plus You will receive 4 of my  interview  mp3’s  with best selling authors Marci Shimoff,  Jeanna Gabellini, Dr. Joe Rubino, and Michael Linenberger. value $47

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Just think about all of the benefits that you get for an average of $4.75 per audio.

I know you will experience a positive shift in your success mindset, belief in your self, and your overall level of achievement. If you listen to these audios and take the suggested steps, each day will continue to get better and better.

Note: if you are already a part of  Success Club and my group coaching programs, this audio program is completely different. It is designed for shorter bursts of inspiration that can be replayed multiple times in your car, at the airport, etc.

I am so excited about this program and believe in it with my whole heart. I carefully picked each topic using my global coaching experiences  and my highly developed intuition regarding the needs of my clients and future clients. My strongest desire is for you to be inspired and motivated each month through this program so you can keep your focus on Success and Joy.

If you want to make a change right now… do it for you- because you want to and you deserve to create your life the way you want it to be. Get it today.

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Wishing you Success and Joy, today and always.


Coach Sheri

Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.


7 thoughts on “12 Ways to Boost 2013 into your Best Year Ever

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  3. Sheri,
    Hello Hello Hello! Your first tow audios of the month Cultivating A Winning Mindset Developing and Your Intuition for Better Decision Making are very empowering. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

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