My Near Death Experience and What I Learned About Life

My son Nick, Peyton Manning, me, and my hubby Randy Sept 1, 2015 at the Broncos Practice
My son Nick, Peyton Manning, me, and my hubby Randy Sept 1, 2015 at the Broncos Practice

Friday July 10, I was in Louisiana with my husband and son for the Manning Passing Academy. My son Nick was attending and my husband and I were making a mini vacation out of the trip. We also were traveling with friends. It was Day 2 of the academy and hot and humid. The boys were learning a lot and I was having fun checking out some historical civil war cemeteries, southern plantations, and of course, the seafood.

The evening seemed uneventful. Randy (my husband) and Nick (my son) were sleeping in the hotel room, but I was having trouble relaxing. Every time I tried to lie down, I felt filled with anxiety. Eventually, I started pacing. Then, I put on some of my waterfall relaxing music. I was still tense and it was after 1 am and starting a new day- Saturday the 11th . Then I started praying. My favorite go to prayer is the Lord’s Prayer, but instead of relaxing, I began to be filled with alarm. I felt pressure in my body, but no pain. A voice whispered in my head, “At what point do I call 911?. I thought I was having a panic attack. I woke up my hubby, and started saying over and over, “Call 911, Call 911, Call 911,” By the time he was dialing, I started saying, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” I felt like I was drowning.

As I was going unconscious, I cried, “Somebody save me.” My last vision was seeing my arm turn purple. I wanted desperately to live, but yet I felt strangely peaceful. Everything went black and then bright white. The next memory I have, I was hot and wrapped in a cocoon. I could hear voices, but couldn’t move a muscle. I tried to open my eyes, but felt like each eyelid weighed a thousand pounds. I kept telling myself, “Open your eyes”, but I couldn’t.

Then I started thinking, “no one knows I am awake”. I felt panic. I thought, “people might think I am dead”. I heard voices around me and I tried to move my legs. I concentrated and tried to swish my legs around, but I didn’t know if they were moving or not. I thought they might be moving, but I didn’t know for sure. (Later, my husband told me my legs were moving and he thought it was restless leg syndrome. I told him, “No, that was my signal that I could hear you”.) Finally, my eyes popped open. A nurse said,”There she is.” My eyes focused on my husband and son. They looked so scared, but so relieved. I didn’t know where I was and I had something in my throat. I couldn’t talk.

I motioned for a pen. I wrote: Where am I? Did I die?.I’m hot.  I was in ICU and my lungs were filled with fluid. I was on a ventilator and not breathing on my own, which is why I couldn’t talk. Suddenly, I was euphoric. I was alive. I had more time on this planet. I could see my children grow up, get married, and have kids. I would have more time with my family. I knew I wasn’t done with this life.  I wrote on my clipboard. “God is good.”  It didn’t even dawn on me that I was sick. Then I wrote, “I want this tube out.” The answer was no, not until the next day. I needed to be more stable. Tears stung my eyes,  I wanted to talk.

I also learned that my daughters were on their way. My friends had arranged their flights and they would be in New Orleans in a few hours. The staff from the Manning camp were picking them up from the airport.

Me and my daughter Sonja

A cardiologist came to see me and started asking me strange questions like, Did I fall? Had I been exposed to radiation? Did I smoke? What health conditions did I have? The answers were No and None. I had never been on any medications nor did I have any chronic health conditions. I could tell he was puzzled. He then said, “Your heart is functioning at less than 20%, you are in heart failure which caused your lungs to fill with fluid. You could recover, but most people don’t. At the very least, you’ll leave here with a life vest that will start your heart in case it stops, after 90 days you will probably have an ICD and a pacemaker, and you could even end up on the heart transplant list.” I was stunned. But it didn’t sink in. I was still euphoric that I was alive. I thought, “I’ll think about that later.”

My daughters arrived and I was so comforted to see them. When they first got on their plane, I wasn’t awake yet, so seeing me awake and writing questions and comments was a huge relief to them. My family had to leave ICU when visiting hours were over, but they left my phone in my hands. My arms were tied to the bed so I wouldn’t pull out the breathing tube, but the nurse loosened the ties enough so I could text and email.

I messaged my parents on facebook. I said I would call them, but couldn’t talk because of the breathing tube. I asked them if they would talk in the phone when I called. I needed to hear their voices. The first three times I called, my mom hung up on me because she thought it was a prank call and they don’t have caller id. Then, I got a message back on facebook that they knew what I was doing and I should call again. I called and when my parents picked up, my dad and mom started speaking loving words to me over the phone and tears slipped down my face. A little part of my world seemed to right itself because I could connect with them even though I couldn’t speak. I filled my hours of being awake during non-visiting hours with texting, email, and facebook. I felt connected to people even though I was scared and sick.

My breathing tube came out the next day. I could talk and was so grateful even though I was still on oxygen. I was scheduled for an angiogram the next day just to make sure I didn’t have any blockages (I didn’t, my arteries were clear and good shape). The mystery of the heart failure continued. Every cardiologist asked me a barrage of questions with no answers leading to conclusions. Until, I remembered that I had a cough for 8 weeks, but had been better for a month and had even been golfing, jet skiing, swimming and fishing just days before I ended up in ICU. One of the doctors said that a virus could attack the heart and cause heart failure but they couldn’t test for every virus.

During this time in ICU, someone from the Manning Camp visited me every day. Nick returned to camp for a few practices and Peyton Manning sought him out to ask how I was doing. His kindness meant a lot to Nick. Archie Manning called my husband to let him know that we were in his prayers, too.

My husband helped piece together the missing 12 hours in my life.

Here is what happened and I still have no memory of any of this. After my husband and son called 911, I turned blue and purple and stopped breathing. The 911 operator told my husband not to do CPR and to wait for the EMT’s. When the EMT’s got to me, they drilled a hole in my leg to get medicine into my body faster and intubated me in our hotel room. Then they took me to the ER with my husband and son following the ambulance with a police escort. My son asked, “Is my mom going to die?” They were doing everything to help me. It must have been terrifying for him. He still doesn’t talk about it much. In the ER, they thought heart attack right away, but it wasn’t. They asked if I had a living will and power of attorney (that still gives me chills). My husband had to go through the process of calling family. People started praying. I learned later that thousands of people were praying. After several hours and mega medicines, my color started to come back and I was moved to ICU.

It is still an odd feeling to have a whole piece of my life missing. I was told that my stats were in the 50’s when the ambulance brought me in and that I responded to some questions and I tried to pull out the tubing. Again, I still have no memory of any of those 12 hours. Some have said it’s a blessing.

By Monday July 13, the severity of the diagnosis sunk in and it seemed like every hour I was being given a new medication with a whole list of side effects including depression. In fact, almost every medicine had a side effect of depression. I thought, “I can’t beat this illness if I am depressed.” I talked to the nurse and she brought in my hospitalist to talk with me. I told him, “If I am going to fight this, I can’t be depressed. I need to find a way to be happy and every medicine has depression as a side effect.” I asked for an antidepressant. He understood my overwhelm and I felt a bit proactive. And this was the beginning of my determination to get well. When I was alone in my room, I repeated to myself, “I want to live”. I called a dear friend who is an energy healer and she told me she saw angel’s around me working on my heart. She told me my heart would be fine. My husband believed I would get better. My parents believed I would get better. My best friends believed I would get better.

Scientifically, I wasn’t given much hope. As I started to read about heart failure, I learned statistics like 50% of people who are diagnosed with it, die in the first year after diagnosis and the average life span is 5 years (some articles said 8 to 12 years), but I was 47. I thought that something like this wasn’t  supposed to happen to me for another 40 or 50 years. I decided I would start searching for stories about people who were healed from heart failure and I found a few stories. That’s what I needed to keep the belief going.

This Selfie with me, my son Nick, and my parents a week before I almost died.

As I arrived at my discharge day from the hospital, I left with a dozen prescriptions and wearing a life vest that I could only take off when I was in the shower. I needed to find a cardiologist back home in Colorado within a week. We would stay in a hotel one night and fly home to Colorado the next day. When my husband picked up all the prescriptions from the pharmacy and we dumped the bag onto the bed in the hotel room, tears welled up. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of medications I would be taking. I took a few deep breaths and started organizing the meds. That night, sleep was elusive because the life vest beeped every time I got comfortable. Eventually, I would learn to sleep in one position and not move at all at night.

We had a long travel day and when our flight arrived in Colorado, best friends Deanna and Craig picked our family up at the airport. I was so happy to be home after spending an extra week in Louisiana. As we walked in our house, my friends had filled the kitchen with food and a new dishwasher. Right before we left on vacation, our dishwasher quit working. It was quite a surprise to see a new one.

The first few nights that I was home, I woke up several times during the night terrified that I was going to die. It was a gut wrenching feeling. I so desperately wanted to live. I was on an emotional roller coaster alternating between peace and feeling scared to death. I would wake up in the morning feeling good, then take all my medication and sleep for several hours. One constant in my life was that I called my parents every morning at 7 am and we would lift each other up and pray.  I would open my eyes to my alarm and immediately look forward to my call with my parents.

After a few days, I stopped having the nightmares about dying. I began focusing on healing. I would sit with my hand over my heart. My cat would lay on my heart and purr. I journaled about healing. I prayed for healing. I visualized myself healed. I wrote healing words. I thanked God for each new day.

My husband dropped and broke a plate. He asked, “Aren’t you mad?”  I said, “No, I am happy I am alive, I don’t care about a plate.”  I watched hilarious sitcoms on Netflix and stayed away from anything sad and away from all medical shows. I became thankful for things like laundry and dishes because I felt that when I did these simple things, that I was regaining strength.I was able to walk up the stairs to my bedroom without being out of breath. When I talked to people and they asked how I felt, I would say, “If I didn’t know about my diagnosis, I would just say that I feel a little tired.”

I had my moments of reverting to being scared. I remember telling my husband that if I died, he could never love anyone like he loved me. When I got scared, I would go back to the mantra, “I want to live.”

I read a little bit more about heart failure and all of the meds I was taking. I found an article about how the heart makes its own healing protein to heal itself and that there was a group in the UK who was trying to figure out how to help the heart make more of this protein. That got me excited. I started visualizing my heart making an abundance of healing protein.

I returned to working with my coaching clients and holding conference calls, sometimes from bed.

I made an appointment with my regular doctor and found a cardiologist. At my first regular doctor appointment on July 28, my medication was adjusted and cut in half. I was cleared to go to a rock concert if I walked slow and paced myself.

At the Motley Crue Concert 3 Weeks after nearly dying with my two daughters Monikka and Sonja and my hubby, Randy

I had my first post ICU echo cardiogram on July 31, three weeks after I became ill. I would learn the results on August 7.

I was cautioned to not expect much at the first echo-cardiogram, most of the experts felt that I would see improvement over 90 days if I would see improvement at all.

The night before my August 7 appointment, I felt a little anxious. I wanted to see some improvement, but I also didn’t want to be disappointed. My husband drove me downtown Denver for my appointment. I wanted to go in to the appointment myself. It felt private to me.

As I met the cardiologist, she asked me what happened. I relayed the whole story of how I ended up in the ER and ICU and I also had a list of adjustments that I wanted made on my medications and a list of questions. She burst into tears and said, “Come here, I want to show you something.” She showed me my echo, and told me that my heart had returned to normal functioning. She showed me the echo from the ICU which she said showed a sick heart and then the echo from July 31 which showed normal functioning. I burst into tears and felt giddy. It was a miracle. My medication was reduced down to four meds and the dosage was cut down. I could stop wearing the life vest and send it back to the manufacturer. I could start exercising again. I could have wine occasionally.  I was given my life back. I only needed a follow up in three months and after that, a yearly cardiology appointment.

I ran out to hug my husband and relay the news. I thought he was going to pass out. We called the kids, family members, and friends. It was surreal. I had prepared myself to do whatever it would take to get better and I had the surprise of my life with this miraculous healing. When I told my friend, Crystal, the energy healer, she said, “I told you so.”

God is so good.I thank God every day for the kindness of the Manning family, my friends, my family, and my community. We felt completely supported during this ordeal.

Life is so precious. I appreciate each moment and I don’t want to waste any moments on bitterness or anger. I feel like I have been given a gift of more time (we never know how long) and I also have no fear of my own death anymore. I have more chances to say, “I love you” and more chances to be love. I feel that if I can have a miraculous healing, anyone can have anything or any result that they truly desire. The power of God, the power of belief, and the power of mindset are infinite.

Peyton Manning and Nick Sept 1, 2015 at the Broncos practice
Peyton Manning and Nick Sept 1, 2015 at the Broncos practice

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

Business Coach and Author


Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled

Relax book coverI have a new book coming out next week called Relax Into Inspired Action: Connect the Pieces, and Live Fulfilled. (Watch for the launch on April 2). In the book I share some stories of how people connect the pieces in their lives.

Over my years as a coach and my experience in training and development, I have witnessed and cultivated a process called connecting the pieces and living fulfilled.

During this process you learn to put together all of the pieces that make you feel alive and passionate in your life into a business or career where you make a meaningful difference and are well compensated for your contribution to this world.

My own Connecting the Pieces story:

My clients know me as “action Sheri”. I have owned my company since 2007, my books are available internationally, my podcast is global, and I work with my ideal clients every day. I take vacations (lots of vacations). I feel spiritually connected and happy. I golf. I read books. I hang out with friends. I am close to my husband and children and involved in their lives… But it wasn’t always this way. I didn’t always have it together. (And I don’t always have it together every minute of the day, now).

What drove me to carve out the life I live today? Pain.

My own world was shattered when I was 17 and I came home from school one day to find my younger brother after his suicide death. My identity was lost. I lost trust in everything (even God). It felt like I was on shaky ground all of the time. Our family was grief stricken. However, I did have one glimmer of light… I knew at a deep level… that I would not let this beat me. I would get up again. I would survive. I didn’t imagine ever being truly happy. I thought, if I got to OK, where I didn’t cry every day, I would be doing pretty good. I still went to college. I still went to work. I had some fantastic people in my life that lifted me up when I stumbled.

Then one day, I didn’t need to be lifted up anymore. I was on the road to getting better. I was okay.

My world shifted again when I was pregnant with my first daughter in 1994. I was on bed-rest and my mother gave me a copy of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits book. And it was the first time since my brother died, that I made the connection regarding the power of thoughts. This book set me on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. I was inspired to continue my schooling earning my Master’s and my PhD. I made it my life-long quest to discover what makes people happy and why some people are successful and other’s struggle.

I made the connection between thoughts and happiness. It was like a light bulb turned on and I realized that I could be happy if I decided to be happy. I even wrote my first book on happiness, Keys to Living Joyfully. I not only was okay, I was happy.

My early career was a hodge-podge of jobs with each one teaching me something about myself. Eventually, I moved to a career in management, and then I made the move to a career in higher education, and then training and development.

I felt, still, like I was missing something. I prayed and meditated about it. I woke up one morning in 2007 and knew I would start my own coaching and training company. I have never looked back. I had a learning curve and many challenges. It took me months to land my first client. I cried tears of frustration in the beginning. I had to learn how to market my own business which was much more challenging than sales and marketing for someone else. I had to work on my own sense of worthiness and conquer my fears, but it was exciting. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I thrived as I saw my clients change their lives and grow their businesses.

After a couple years of growing my company, I had another realization. I was working too many hours. There was a part of me that felt that I had to work really hard for success. I just couldn’t do it anymore, though.

I needed more balance. I dug deep, and I decided that I was going to do all of the things I really wanted to do. If that meant golfing three times a week or taking frequent vacations, I was going to do it.

My business didn’t miss a beat. In fact, it grew. When I was taking care of me and having fun, the energy of my business responded to that. I am still a queen of action, but I am relaxed about it. And I only act when I am in the inspired action state.

Every choice has a purpose. Every move is deliberate. I am deliberating creating my business and life every day.

Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD.

Business Coach and Author


P.S. Look for the book launch next week:)

21 Days of Growth and Success

Success and Transformation

Right about now, is the crucial time to commit to keep moving forward on your goals.

You have some terrific goals for 2014 and you likely began your approach with lots of enthusiasm, by now you have made progress, but you may also have experienced a few dips or setbacks, too. This is normal, but don’t be discouraged or start worrying whether this will be your year or not to really breakthrough to the level of  happiness and success you desire.

“Failure cannot cope with persistence.” – Napoleon Hill

I have been digging deep to pull out the lessons that have helped my clients see the success that they want. The result is two new 21 day courses- one for personal development and one for personal growth.

These lessons work- in fact, I just got a call from a client who landed a much desired business deal. This client had experienced many doubts and setbacks, but kept growing and learning. And I know she feels that every ounce of time and  energy was completely worth it. If she can do it, so can you.

No one likes the word “failure” and no one wants to ever experience failure… but the truth is that our failures pave the way for our eventual success and we have only truly failed if we stop trying.  During these two new programs, I will be with you every step of the way and available to answer questions. For over 20 years, I have been studying what makes people happy, why some people succeed and others don’t, and what truly inspires people to move forward.  The main determining factor is a decision. When you truly decide and commit- you can make anything happen.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your past has been, or any other external factor… the difference maker begins with a thought, then a decision.

These 21 day courses will help you create new habits, new thoughts, and stronger daily practices with a minimal investment of time. The courses fit in with your every day life. I made it simple and effective so you can have the time to do it and shift to your highest, best self. I also made these courses extremely affordable so you don’t have to worry about investing a lot of money.

As you move through the lessons, your confidence will grow and your energy will expand, too.

“Aim for the highest.” – Andrew Carnegie

Here is the information on each new course below:

New Course 21 Days for Your Life: More Freedom, Happiness, and Success

21 days to More Freedom, Happiness and Success eCourse. 21 Days of emailed audio lessons plus 4 Webinars. 

Setting goals and making plans are exciting, but after the first few weeks, the excitement dwindles and sometimes momentum stalls. I have designed this new eCourse to help you keep moving and really achieving what you want.

Successful people make a daily practice of success. Successful people are continuous learners. These 21 days of audio lessons sent to you each day to your email inbox will boost transformation, enhance positive habits, and increase your sense of freedom and happiness. These lessons are 10 minutes each. Plus, each day of the 21 days I will be energetically aligning the group for success through distance energy work at 5:04 am pst/8:04 am est. (No need to do anything special at this time and you can even be asleep)

Most people who have success, freedom, and happiness will tell you that it wasn’t always that way for them. They learned how to create powerful daily practices and to change the way that they think. Many of the most successful people will also say that they felt average or even very challenged by life’s circumstances.

This means that no matter what is going on with you- you can make changes and it is never too late to start.

The 21 Days of 10 minute Audio Lesson Topics (listening link will be emailed to your Inbox each day):

  1. Manifesting What You Desire Out of Life
  2. Getting Control of Your Schedule
  3. Managing Your Incompletes
  4. Creating Your Sacred Space
  5. The Power of the Words Your Choose
  6. The Touches in Your Life
  7. Cultivating Connections
  8. Feeling Safe and Secure
  9. Practicing Forgiveness for Yourself
  10. Creating Your Happiness Lifestyle
  11. Deep Wells of Appreciation
  12. Movement and Motion
  13. Practicing Love Language
  14. Being Here Now
  15. Natural and Easy Meditation
  16. Understanding Oneness and Deepening Connection
  17. The meaning of “I am”
  18. Deciding Your Purpose
  19. Aligning Your Energy to Success
  20. Creating Lightness and Freedom
  21. Living with Flow and Meaning

Webinar topics (you may listen at your convenience and listening links are sent out on Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, and Day 21):

  • Developing Confidence and Fearlessness
  • Letting the Past Go, Move through Blocks/Failure, and Move Forward in Happiness
  • Getting and Staying Inspired and Motivated
  • Unleashing and Understanding the Powerful Creator in YOU that is Able to Manifest What You Deeply Desire.

This course is $197, but because you are a member of my community- you may register for this event for $97 saving $100

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New Course 21 Days for Your Biz: Browing Your Biz Insight

eCourse -21 Days to Growing Your Business 

21 Days of Audio Lessons over email plus 4- 45 min webinars.

Get new and fresh ideas, support, and motivation with 21- 10 minute audio lessons to boost and transform your business.

  • What would it be like if you were in love with your business. Not that you just loved your business, but were in-love with it? There is a difference.
  • What would it feel like for you to gain 3 or 4 new clients or sell more info products? Or get a new idea that you can put into motion?

All successful business owners started somewhere. They all had a learning curve. They all tried many different ways to grow their businesses. So whether you are just starting out- or you have been in biz for years… a fresh boost of energy can help you see more success.

Business owners come from diverse backgrounds in both experience and education. The important part of your business is that you offer a solution to someone else’s needs. That’s it. If you are not meeting a need, you don’t have a business. If you are meeting a need, it is a question of finding the people who need you and delivering it in a way that feels right to them.

You can grow your business. It’s not hard. It does takes focus and a willingness to conquer any fears or obstacles that come up.

If you can focus your energy and have a willing heart to try new approaches- you can do it.

Here is the list of topics we will cover in the 21- 10 minute audio lessons (which will be emailed to your Inbox each day):

  1. Maximizing Your Strengths
  2. Being the Ultimate Professional
  3. Discovering Your Uniqueness
  4. Writing Your 1 Page Business Plan
  5. Remembering your “Why”
  6. Getting Clear About Who your Customer Is.
  7. What Does Your Client Need- What problem do they want solved?
  8. Where Are Your Ideal Clients?
  9. List Building: Elements of an Exciting Free Offer
  10. Social Media: LinkedIn for Biz
  11. Social Media: Twitter for Biz
  12. Social Media: Blogging for Biz
  13. Social Media: Facebook for Biz
  14. Social Media: Pinterest for Biz
  15. How to Find Great JV Partners and What NOT to do
  16. Selling to Your List
  17. The Energy of Your Biz
  18. Offers that Inspire
  19. Keeping the Passion Going
  20. Profits: Allowing Flexibility for Growth
  21. How to Be “In Love” with Your Biz

The webinar topics (you can listen at your convenience and listening links will be sent out on Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, and Day 21):

  • Business planning that is easy and smart.
  • Communicating your message to the people who need what you have to offer.
  • Listbuilding that converts to Product/Service Selling Plus how to create successful Joint Ventures.
  • Aligning the energy of your business so your customers and YOU are absolutely in love with what you have to offer.

Plus, each day of the 21 days I will be energetically aligning the group for business success through distance energy work at 5:34 am pst/8:34 am est. (No need to do anything special at this time and you can even be asleep)

This course is $197 but you can register today for only $97 (you save $100)

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Note: During both of the above 21 day courses- you will be encouraged to follow these 4 Pillars of Success Habits every day: Move your body for at least 10 minutes, drink at least 8 glasses of water, write in a journal every day (even if it is just 1 sentence), and practice silence, deep breaths, prayer, or meditation for at least 2 minutes.

Here is what a few of my clients  had to say about my processes and coaching:

“I adore Sheri…. She has been a strong guiding force for me…. The clarity,wisdom and support that I have gained from working with Sheri has been amazingly valuable to me…Bringing Sheri into my life is one of the smartest things I have ever done….Boy do I love this woman!     Thank you Sheri…..I continue to grow each day!” …..     Joanna Sanchez

“Working with Sheri has been a great experience. She is truly an inspirational person. Working with her you can feel the vibrant energy she sends through her classes. I made the connection with her through an on line class that I took.. Sheri is a wonderful person to work with. She offers many tools that can be used in everyday life. I think everyone should take or at least try one of Sheri’s classes. It is very well worth it.” Norma S.

Working with Sheri Kaye Hoff “Sheri is generous in sharing her wisdom. For those who prefer the written word, Sheri has written many books on how to live a successful and joyful life. However, words are a small percentage of communication and Sheri enriches the lives of all who listen to her podcasts and web conferences. She blends together her business leadership and teaching experience with personal life lessons to encourage and enlighten her clients lives. Interactive sessions will increase your awareness of what is required to gain clarity and rapidly move forward. Sheri is an excellent, relate-able mentor and coach who is interested in your success.” Doug Jarvie

See what 21 days can do for you when you try one or both of my new courses.

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Cheers to your fabulous success!


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach



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5 Steps and 10 Tips to Make 2014 Great


2013 has been an amazing year in many ways, and 2014 has the potential for you to truly take giants steps forward and achieve the goals you set. But did you know, according to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions? It is possible that you could be part of the 8%, but chances are that you have set some resolutions or goals – maybe even the same goals – year in and year out without achieving them. Don’t despair or throw your hands up and give up. I have a way to approach 2014 that will up the odds of you truly doing what you want to do in 2014.

First, take time to celebrate your achievements of 2013. I know you have some and probably some really terrific ones. Lift your champagne or sparkling cider glass and give yourself a toast. Write out a list of your major accomplishments. Cheers to you! In order to really up your energy vibration, celebrations are important.

Next, reflect on what did not happen in 2013 for you. What were some of the goals that remained elusive? This is not the time to beat yourself up, but it is the time to let all of the emotions surface. Acknowledge how you feel. Are you angry? sad? frustrated? resigned? exhausted? Let yourself have those feelings.

Then let go of 2013. Light a candle. Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes. Imagine everything, all the residue from 2013 lifting off you like a mist and floating up into the sky and transforming  into a beautiful light. Blow out your candle. You are ready to go move into 2014.

Now it is vision time, but with a different approach. Imagine it is Jan 1, 2015. Yes, I said 2015. Reflect back over 2014 on all of your accomplishments. Write them down like they occurred in the past. Example, “It is Jan 1, 2015 and as I look back over 2014, I am amazed and in awe that I paid all of my obligations in full. I even created a comfortable cushion of $25,000 in my checking account. I traveled to India, the trip was magnificent. I remember when I first landed at the airport…. ” and so on. When you write like something has already happened there is more power in it. It creates the feeling of “a sure” thing. We reminisce all of the time- why not use it to your powerful advantage.

Finally,  take inspired action steps related to your vision every day.

Here are some top tips for success and happiness  in 2014.

  • Practice a daily journaling habit  and write about positive things.
  • Be grateful every day- create a gratitude list every day.
  • Meditate/pray every day.
  • Exercise 6 days a week- doing what you love.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Give 8 hugs per day.
  • Give generously and Receive generously.
  • Play every day.
  • Love every day- including yourself.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself and others.

If some of these habits seem overwhelming, remember that willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets and the easier it gets.  If you start a habit it and practice it for a month, you are highly likely to make it a permanent change. If you practice it for three months, you are almost guaranteed to make a permanent change.

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Thank you for all your efforts in 2013 and sending you blessings for a spectacular 2014.


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach