When to Be Fierce and Fearless

What makes you feel fierce? I feel fierce about standing with my clients as they work on the results they want. I know that you see my work and know my coaching is steeped in happiness, love, purpose, and a deep belief in human potential and a loving God. I’m generally a kind, gentle person, but I do have a fierce side of me- and you do too.

I know that when my clients achieve their goals, they initiate positive change. They make an impact and create 4_Keys_CD_Cover_-_FINALripple effects. When I see people step back from the goals and the results they want and step into fear, that’s when my fierceness really kicks in. Why does this make me fiercely and fearlessly stand up for my clients? It’s because I know how important their work is. I know what happens when people don’t do what they really want to be doing. A few years go by, and they are in almost exactly the same place.

Be fierce about standing up and for your goals, but let go of being attached to the results. Do the work. Work through the fear. And let the results be what they are. The real victory and real change is in the process of fiercely making the impact in the world that makes an important difference to you and those around you. Be fierce about what is important to you. And if you work with clients, be fierce about what is important to them.

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In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

The Inspired Action Success Coach


One thought on “When to Be Fierce and Fearless

  1. Diane Cusano

    Sheri, Great article – I think so many people do not even realize they are in fear. Fear as an amazing capacity to disguise itself

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