Quiet Your Mind-Chatter

Beatrice Lake

If you are trying to achieve a goal, your mind is probably working over time to create solutions and trying to figure out how to make it happen. That is how our minds work. When we ask a question, it keeps on working for you even when you are sleeping. But there is a point when the spinning mind becomes a hindrance to the goal/solution.

You can only solve a problem or achieve a goal at a higher level of consciousness and thinking than the problem you are working on. Continuing to rethink the same solutions over and over again leads to fatigue and frustration. When you stop the  constant mind chatter, you become open to new ideas and fresh solutions. Start to shut off that spinning feeling by being very present focused. Bring yourself to the current moment through breath and your physical senses.

Exercise: Close your eyes and clench your fists really tightly for a few seconds. Then say, I am letting go and release your clenched fists, imagine letting go of all of the attachment and over-thinking. Take a few more deep breaths.  Find a word or affirmation that brings you comfort such as, “peace, all is well, love, joy” and focus just on that.

Practicing this exercise for a just a couple of minutes will help you quiet your mind so you can be more effective, more open to creative solutions,  while also feeling more peace and acceptance. I also always feel more peaceful near water. The lake pic above is Beatrice Lake in Northern MN.

In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD


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