When You Go For Comfortable, You Miss Out on Wonderful

Breakthrough moment: I realized I am wearing a shirt that is the most comfortable shirt I own.  The fabric is soft and it is really really comfy, but I hate the way it looks on me. I wouldn’t wear it out for lunch and if someone stopped over and I was wearing it, I think I would be embarrassed. Other people have told me that they love it on me,  but I just don’t like it on me at all. A few times I have thought,  “just throw it out”.

But the voice inside my head says, “but it is so comfortable, you might not ever have a shirt again that feels this soft and comfy”. 4_Keys_To_Being_Your_BestFreeWeb

Wow, I realized what a great analogy for hanging onto something comfortable even though I don’t like it. I am throwing it out today and never putting it on or looking at it again. Message: Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean it is serving me.

Lightening bolt:  Where else I am doing that in my life? Where are you doing this in your life?

When we keep things around just because they are comfortable, we aren’t living into what we really want in our lives, instead we keep hovering around “comfortable, but not good for me”.

Some things are comfortable and wonderful. But often “comfortable” is a way of avoiding expansion and positive change because our ego minds strive to keep things the same. Our ego minds hate change, it’s too scary. Our ego minds want the status quo even if the status quo isn’t great. Our higher selves want what is the highest good. Quiet your ego mind with some soft music, journaling, and meditation. Let your inner guidance speak.

Whether it is a thought pattern, a relationship, furniture, clothing, a struggling business, etc: when you go for comfortable, you sometimes miss out on wonderful.

Happy Girl on computer

Command a better story for your best and highest good today. Take action on what is not amazing. Eliminate or tweak what is draining. If it isn’t supporting you and making you feel good, it’s draining.

Go for it, eliminate all that is merely comfortable.

Freedom! Yeah baby.

Need some ideas on how to live with more freedom? Check out my free instant download mp3             4 Keys to Being Your Best.

In Happiness,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD









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