Caressing my Soul, Sparking my Courage

Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas

I have returned from eight relaxing and rejuvenating days in Long Island, Bahamas. Three of us stayed at a secluded home in Thompson Bay. Each day we visited a different beach and enjoyed local cuisine including fresh lobster. We were completely off grid with no phones and occasionally we could access wi-fi. The days floated by into blissful nights. I have a passion for sunsets and captured several breathtaking photos on my trip. I also wrote several poems – and here is my favorite written after we saw an angel in the night sky and a falling star.

Night Angel

The breeze blowing softly

Waves colliding in darkness

Looking up I see

Night Angel offering…

Comfort, Peace, and Calm

Protecting my heart

Caressing my soul

Sparking my courage

Soothing my heart.

Gone in a flash.

But remembrance holds on.

I wonder for an instant.

Then a Falling Star reassures.

Message received.

I am not alone.

I am loved. I am cherished.

Free to be me.

The warmth in my heart

spreads slowly through my body,

Love radiates out

Encompassing, Encircling,

Widening its reach.

I am connected to all,

To myself, and to Source.

Complete, whole, and awed

at the simplicity, and the beauty

of it all.

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Love and Blessings,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA

The Inspired Action Success Coach


4 thoughts on “Caressing my Soul, Sparking my Courage

  1. Sheri, thanks for the great pictures from Long Island, Bahamas. Certainly not to be confused with New York in March. The sunset pictures are breathtaking and the Night Angle poem makes my spine tingle every time I read it.

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