Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled

Connecting the pieces

Do you sometimes feel that you have so many interests and desires, but you just don’t see how to put them altogether to really see the success that you desire?

Do you wonder if you can love what you do and still make enough money? Do you feel that you have two separate lives- one that you enjoy doing the things you love and the other is work?

Have you been told you “have so much potential” but you feel like you stay fixed in the same place?

I remember being asked several times by well- meaning family members – When are you going to get a “real” job?  as I pursued various interests throughout my life. I undertook entrepreneurial endeavors, worked in higher education, and yes, I also worked in the corporate world.

Each facet of my professional life over the past two and half decades combined to create what I do now. I started my company 7 years ago and didn’t listen to the people who said I had to pick just one thing and stick to it. I found a way to combine everything I love into one company. This doesnt’ mean that you have to start a business, but it does mean that you can create a life you love.

And it is interesting that many of my individual clients have had the same experience of wondering how to combine it all. It is a good thing to have lot’s of interests. But the truth is, it is easy to get scattered, too. However, you can be diverse and successful with a creative approach.

For tonight’s webinar – there is no opt in- just click to listen

Tonight’s free webinar: Connecting the Pieces and Living Fulfilled will help you:

  • See a path for combining your talents and passions plus get focused on positive results.
  • Learn how to implement the actions steps you know you want to take (you probably have some great ideas about what to do- but actually doing it is different)
  • Find out how to keep your mojo going even when you just don’t feel like it.

For tonight’s webinar – there is no opt in- just click to listen

Cheers to your fabulous success!


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


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