It’s Christmas Day- 12 Days of Christmas Cheer

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Day 10  of the 12 Days of Christmas Cheer Giveaway

Each day through Dec 27, I will offer a coaching tip on a self-growth topic, plus a free downloadable gift and a special discount on my coaching products. On the final day, I will be holding a drawing from all of the blog comments and will be giving out a $25 Amazon gift card to a drawing prize winner. Enter the drawing by commenting on the blog posts. (Note- One comment per day per person will be entered into the drawing).

Today’s Tip: 

Merry Christmas. My favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night” sung by Martina McBride (her accapella version). And my favorite Christmas season entertainment is the Nutcracker ballet.

It’s Christmas Day- a day of celebration and a day of both giving and receiving. It feels wonderful to give on Christmas, but it is also important to receive gifts graciously. Instead of “Oh, you shouldn’t have” or “That’s too much.” Try “Thank you so much.”

I find that holidays intensify our habitual ways of thinking and being. So, this is a great time to take notice of your patterns.  If you have a hard time receiving whether it is gifts, help, compliments, and/or money, you are blocking  the good things that are coming your way. When we refuse to be thankful, accepting, and gracious at receiving, we are saying “no” to the Universe- and the universe responds by adjusting your results.

Ever notice that when people are given a choice of good, better or best- they usually choose the middle choice. Why is that? Why don’t people choose the best more often?

If you notice that, in general, you fall short on realizing your goals, begin to be better at receiving. Set your intention to expand your openness to receive by five or ten times. One of the best ways to practice is to start accepting help when people offer it.

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Sending you love, joy, and rich blessings this Holiday Season.



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA


Your Inspired Action Success Coach


2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Day- 12 Days of Christmas Cheer

  1. Robyn

    Thank you SO much for you generous, encouraging, mindful, and amazing gifts during your ❄️12 Days of Christmas! ❄️
    ✨Thank you✨

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