12 Days of Christmas Cheer Day 7

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cheer giveaway

Each day, I will offer a coaching tip on a self-growth topic, plus a free downloadable gift and a special discount on my coaching products. On the final day, I will be holding a drawing from all of the blog comments and will be giving out a $25 Amazon gift card to a drawing prize winner. Enter the drawing by commenting on the blog posts. (Note- One comment per day per person will be entered into the drawing).

Today’s Tip:

BookCoverImageThis morning, my youngest son (he is 13) and I when to Sports Authority to bring his snowboard rental back. We shopped a little trying out the new golf drivers in the golf shop. We had a great morning grabbing breakfast and coffee , washing my car and then going for a drive through the countryside. As we were driving, we talked about sports. His favorite is football and he plays running back on offense and linebacker on defense. Our conversation turned to competition. All of his friends are athletes too. My thoughts that I shared with Nick about competition were these:

As long as a person is concerned with being just better than other people on the field of play, this person will never know exactly how good he or she can be. The goal is to be your best, not anyone else’s best.

As we talked about this, I thought about how this really applies to anything- business, a career, school, etc.

Competition with other people is a distraction. Focusing on your own performance and becoming the best you- you can be is truly the most rewarding and the best gift you can give yourself, your team or your company.

You can also apply this to family dynamics- we don’t need to compete with siblings, cousins, or anyone. Enjoy each other’s strengths:)

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