12 Days of Christmas Cheer Day 2

12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Day 2 of my 12 Days of Christmas Cheer Giveaway

Each day during this giveaway, I will offer a coaching tip on a self-growth topic, plus a free downloadable gift and a special discount on my coaching products. On the final day, I will be holding a drawing from all of the blog comments and giving out a $25 Amazon gift card to a drawing prize winner. Enter the drawing by commenting on the blog posts. (Note- One comment per day per person will be entered into the drawing).

Today’s’ Tip: Cultivate Inner Peace

I view inner peace as my stable foundation.  It is the rock that steadies me and keeps me thinking and acting clearly and deliberately.  In any given moment, inner peace is possible. You may find this hard to believe as you untangle Christmas lights, burn Christmas cookies, realize you need one more gift, and you have double booked yourself. During the holidays, you may find your inner peace challenged on a daily basis.

To maintain and achieve inner peace, plan ahead. Decide what tools you will use to bring yourself back to a peaceful state. You might decide that you will maintain your journaling and/or exercise habit. You could also make sure that you allow down-time where you can put your feet up and listen to soft music.

Remind yourself of the “why” of the season.  Why are you doing all of this?

When I put up our Christmas tree a few days ago, I stood there with my husband, one of my sons, and one of my daughters and we just started spontaneously singing Silent Night and held hands. My 13 year old son has a deep voice for the first time at Christmas (even deeper than my husband’s). We all harmonized in a new way and it stunned me when I realized how casually we stumbled into this special moment. It was the moment of the day, and I savored it. Prior to that moment, we experienced some chaos of lost and broken ornaments and I admit that I wasn’t feeling very peaceful, but I allowed inner peace to flow back in as I shifted my energy with the song.

No matter what is going on, you can have inner peace.

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach



7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Cheer Day 2

  1. Lorena

    I love the concrete example you give of shifting from chaos to peace while enjoying a moment with your family. Such a sweet story, and a great reminder that if we are not paying attention to the present moment, we may miss something really special.

    I am really appreciating the gifts you’ve been providing too.

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