Do You Worry Even When Things Are Great?

Do you worry? Constant worrying is an issue for many people. Worry keeps you up at night and keeps you from being and living in the present moment.

If you tend to worry, you even worry when things are going great. Most often you worry (in this situation) about what will happen when things stop going great.

The topics of your worries are non-issues since you tend to worry no matter what is going on.

I grew up with a Father who slept fitfully almost every night as worries from his highly stressful job and supporting the family pressed on him.  I always thought my Dad worried because he had so much responsibility. Then I saw him in retirement and he continued worrying about his Sunday School class and his responsibilities at church and home.  If a problem came up, he would agonize about every possible solution and he took on other people’s burdens.

Keys to Living JoyfullyPeople say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I have witnessed him improve and worry less over the past couple of years.  We haven’t really talked about it, but I suspect that as my Dad increased prayer in his life, his worry decreased.

Whether you pray or not, you can apply the principles of prayer which involve relaxation, releasing, and allowing and you will find your worrying problem decrease.  Relax your body. Release responsibility for the world. Let go. Allow God (Spirit, Higher Power, the Universe) to take over the burden.  If you feel like you cannot change your worrying, remember that worrying is a form of prayer. Whatever you think about and dwell upon repeatedly is likely to materialize.

To stop your own worrying:

  1. Interrupt your worry pattern by noticing when you start worrying and then interrupt it with deep breaths,  stretches,  or even a distraction like a quick phone call, text, or a book.
  2. When you are aware that you are worried, notice your muscles. Are you clenching your hands? Is your forehead creased? Are you grinding your teeth? Are you tightening your pelvic floor? Are your feet tense? Mentally relax your muscles by imagining light flowing over your body and each muscle releases as the light flows over it.
  3. Replace the worry thought with a positive statement to help you move to a more empowering mindset  Eg- If you are worried about money- use this statement, “Money comes to me, often,  in many ways.”
  4. Avoid checking email  or opening mail right before you go to sleep.
  5. Set an intention before you fall asleep like- “When I wake up I will have a fresh perspective on this issue.” And/or pray.
  6. Use ambient noise like a waterfall or ocean waves as you fall asleep.
  7. Recognize that you might need professional help if your worrying has turned into constant anxiety.

To stop others from worrying: (People are responsible for themselves, but you can provide a bit of relief with these steps).

  1. Don’t find fault, blame or judge.  (especially children).
  2. Offer a distraction. For example, if your child is worried about a test- Try changing the subject by asking about their latest basketball game, etc (whatever he or she is excited about in life). This really works well.
  3. Help the person see many alternative positive outcomes which helps avoid the situation of “all the eggs being in one basket”.
  4. Let the person know that you care and are there to be supportive, but don’t get tripped up in their worries.
  5. Suggest professional help if the worries seem persistent and abnormal.

Worrying is a thought habit and habits can be changed. When you change the worrying habit, you are able to enjoy life and deeply experience more peace, passion, energy, and joy. Learn more about living with joy click here



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach



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