Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween. My top ten lists for Halloween.

1. Eat candy

2. Give out candy (maybe I should have said the give part first- lol).

3. Dress up and go to parties. This year I went to a party as a pirate- last year- I wore regular clothes and told people I was an undercover cop.

4. Watch a scary movie- My favorite- the original Psycho.

5. Drink pumpkin spice lattes

6. Look over pics of my kids costumes when they were little. (My kids are a little old for trick or treating now).

7. Get someone else to carve my pumpkin ( I don’t like the smell or squishiness). Eat Pumpkins seeds.

8, Don’t go to haunted houses ( I don’t like to be scared in-person  like that). Enjoy my kids’ stories about their haunted house adventures.

9. Read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

10. Get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping because Halloween is over.

What are a few of your Halloween favorites?



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach




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