The Circle of Trust- The People in Your Life

The People in your life are the most important part of your life. No one says they wish they spent more time working on their death bed and few people are overly worried about possessions. At the end of life as well as throughout life, we desire being surrounded by caring people and to have meaningful relationships.

Keys to Living JoyfullyOften, though we find that the people we feel like we should be able to trust the most (family or close friends) really let us down and yet we keep going back thinking it will be different. You can attract great, trustworthy people in your life by setting the intention that you want to be surrounded by exactly the right people at the right time.  You can intend to create a high trust environment. When you are functioning at a level of high trust- you function at a higher level of success in all areas of your life. Many business deals occur based on trust. And once lost, trust is hard to earn back.

It is also true that we are most like the five people with whom we spend the most time. Thinking about who we let into our Inner Circle of trust is important. I created these questions to help you sort out who you really want in your Inner Circle. You get to set the boundaries and make the decisions regarding the people close to you. Remember the funny movie, Meet the Parents? It’s not about keeping people out of your circle, but it really is about deciding who you want to let in.

The Circle of Trust

Identify the People in Your Life:

  • Your Inner Circle (people you deeply trust- would trust with your biggest secrets and your life):
  • Your Middle Circle (people you trust to be honest, do what they say most of the time)
  • Your Outer Circle (people you trust with some things…)
  • People just outside your circle (people who are not in your circle of trust but are in your life in some way)
  • Who do you need to move around?
  • Who do you need to meet and add to your circle?

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Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach


2 thoughts on “The Circle of Trust- The People in Your Life

  1. Nice and informative post. Normally in our life as we move farther from center, the number of people increases; but that person would be really lucky who has more people in the innermost than on outer circle.

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