Releasing Emotions

Are you sad, angry, or afraid?

These emotions are often the dreaded ones. When you feel sad, angry, or afraid, you might feel like you are paralyzed by indecision or fatigue.  Accepting and allowing emotions is an important part of self-awareness and growth, but staying in a low energy state for several days or weeks takes the joy out of life and gets in the way of what really matters to you.

My three girls- Cassie, Sonja, Monikka- all grown up now and on their own.

Find a way to work through your feelings. Write in a journal, write a poem, go for a long walk, or have a conversation with a caring friend.  Though, I tend to be happy most of the time, I recently realized that I was feeling sad and angry about my girls moving out. Sounds silly, right? Children do grow up and the truth is- we want them to grow up and move on. We want them to have fulfilling lives and to discover their passions. Logically, I knew this, but my heart and soul hurt. I needed to work through my feelings. So I wrote the poem below.  You will notice that I was in a pretty dark place. I cried when I wrote it. However, afterward, I felt relieved, uplifted, and the pressure was gone. I had more energy. I felt more like myself- instead of this really sad stranger.

My Soul is Sad

Pressure on my chest

Fatigue behind my eyes

Muscles that do not want to move.

An eery, empty sadness clouds over me

It feels dark and uninvited.

Imprisoning me in its circle

Gripping me

Holding me hostage.

Zapping all of my energy.

Stealing my joy.

Stealing my days.

Conquering me in its


The more I fight,

The tighter it gets.

I am losing me.

Being replaced by

I don’t know what.

I cry for help,

But no one hears.

Occassionally, I see

Flickers of light and hope-

Only to go down into the abyss again.

Drowning in sadness,


I miss my girls.

An empty nest- is

So much more than I


I had no clue

It would be this hard.

I find myself angry

For no good reason.

Achingly sad.

I try to be happy

I know they grow up.

But it seems – somehow


In my mind-

I know I will be better.

I hope- sooner rather than later.

I smile when I hear of good news

And it feels good when they visit.

It will be okay- my heart whispers.

It’s okay to allow yourself to fully explore your emotions. I did. As I said, I was in a dark place, but I didn’t stay there.  Living a life of happiness and success, doesn’t mean we never feel sad, angry or afraid. We just get better at knowing ourselves, expressing our emotions, and working through the tough times.



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff

Your Inspired Action Success Coach


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