Recreating a Perfect Summer Day


On the night of July 3, I had a dream that I was playing croquet with my brother at my Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Esther’s house while we celebrated the 4th- I was about 12 years old. I woke up feeling so good. This was a dream about one of my fondest childhood memories.  As I came out of the groggy feeling of just waking up. I could feel the tears slip down my face. My Grandpa, My Grandma, and my brother are no longer here with me on this earth. I felt such a bittersweet feeling of love and sadness.

I stretched, took a shower… and thought about the day ahead celebrating the 4th of July  with my own family- my husband and children- 5 of them – adults and one teenager.  Our normal thing when we are home is to barbecue and visit.  I decided to go to the store and buy a croquet set, a volleyball set, and a badminton set. My husband thought I was a little crazy. But the kids were intrigued- none had played croquet before. We assembled everything- and spent the whole day outside playing, laughing, and eating.  Yes- I was the queen of croquet- easily beating everyone (lol).

It felt so good, and I could feel the presence of my lost loved ones laughing with us.



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

The Inspired Action Success Coach

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