Living an Inspired Life Series


During the next 7 days I will be posting an audio and/or video tips on living an inspired life. Please enjoy today’s guided meditation which is an exercise from Success Club :



Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

Your Inspired Action Success Coach

4 thoughts on “Living an Inspired Life Series

  1. Isn’t it funny how when we tell ourselves we can’t spare 15 mins to do a guided meditation, that that’s exactly the reason we should do exactly that?! That bit about ‘what are you thinking right now’ really spoke to me. I was thinking about how much I still had to do before bedtime, and that was depleting my energy. But your positive thoughts really changed this around for me. Thanks, Sheri.

  2. I started to listen to your video and the phone rang – it was my elderly mother in law, calling from 150 miles away. She had heard about flooding in a different part of upstate New York and thought I was affected. My spouse ended up talking to her for a while and I don’t have headphones for my computer. I did like what I heard for the minute or so I was able to try this. (and, I love pictures of sunsets.) Now, I am going to have to come back another time. Years ago, I had a water aerobics instructor who used to use a type of guided imagery exercise in the last few minutes of the class where you would normally stretch. She would ask us to close our eyes and have us call up a pleasant memory, perhaps one of being on the beach or in a favorite spot, asking us to feel, hear, taste and see. It was usually quite refreshing.

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