A Simple Vision Board that Really Works

Here is one of the most simple ways to keep your goals front and forward:
Create a vision board- use very colorful poster board- the background should be what you a drawn to- green, red, and yellow are colors of prosperity… orange- a color for healing… pink- love…. blue – intellectual…purple- spiritual… but you can choose what you are drawn too..
Use a spiritual symbol on your poster- I glued a jeweled cross to mine. And include a meaningful spiritual saying- I used- “God is my Supply”. You could use others such as “I am one with the Universe.” “The Universe is abundant.” The point is that it is meaningful to you.
Put a picture of yourself (a happy one) in the center.
Cut out pics of things that represent what you want to achieve and glue or tape to your poster.Write out or glue positive words on your poster.. These go all around your pic… then draw spokes from yourself to each pic and if you like- write a positive affirmation on each spoke.
Put your poster in a place where you will see it often… not where others will see it. Look at it several times during the day.
The example pic  below  is a goal poster that I created ( see you don’t have to be an artist) at the beginning of 2013 to represent my goal to deepen my relationship and spend more romantic times with my husband of 20 years- and to finish my dissertation and earn my PhD. Note: I have completed both.  I also created other boards for biz goals, fitness goals, and financial goals on different color paper and then glued them all on one giant whiteboard.
For me… I know that if I have something on my vision board- it is going to be present in my life- sooner rather than later.  And of course there are many ways to use the vision board idea (pinterest, a vision photo book, a vision journal, etc).  Please share your vision board stories.
Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA
Your Inspired Action Success Coach

8 thoughts on “A Simple Vision Board that Really Works

  1. Sheri! Love your vision board! I too create a vision board. I create a new one each New Year. It may have some of the same things from the previous year but I find that it really helps to start the year off with a BANG by reaffirming everything I have envisioned for my life!
    Mine is on white board…I think I will incorporate your idea of a color I am attracted to for future vision boards! Here is a link to mine ( not that you asked! Haha) http://oursoulspurpose.com/2012/12/22/vision-boards/
    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Peace and Love~ Christine

  2. I did something similar a few years ago when I started a weight loss journey. I collected a bunch of quotes and pictures to inspire me to get healthy and stay smiling!

  3. I love your ideas and plan to incorporate some of them into the bulletin board I use as a vision board, and which hangs in my bedroom. I like using a bulletin board because I get to take things off when I achieve them, and put them in a folder entitled, “visions achieved”.

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