Transcend Limiting Beliefs

Prosperity is available to everyone. The inner world creates the outer results. One’s energy vibration brings into reality the exact frequency of the matching vibration. If a person is engaging in low energy thoughts and actions, the yield will be a low energy result. The energy vibration is activated by thoughts and emotions. People who do not experience prosperity have not developed prosperity consciousness. Many new thought leaders and students have contributed to the body of knowledge to help people increase their energy vibrations and prosperity consciousness. Sometimes this has resulted in people feeling that they are “bad” or are “doing something wrong” and that is why they are not getting what they want. The truth is that every person has limiting beliefs that program thoughts which lead to repeated patterns of lack.

There are many ways to transcend limiting beliefs and I  believe that each individual is empowered to transcend their own limiting beliefs through connection with the Higher Self, Source, or God- Mind. Embracing the thought that Source is unlimited, Source is our supply, therefore our supply is unlimited is the key to moving from a consciousness of lack to a consciousness of prosperity. Developing a consciousness of prosperity brings forth all of our material needs and desires.


True prosperity is a combination of actions and choices that raise our energy vibration and increase our sense of connection with Source. Actions involve meditation, prayer, believing, giving generously, acting on intuitive guidance, positive affirmation, visualization, choosing wisely, receiving, and living in conscious awareness of thoughts.

It is possible to  quickly release limiting beliefs and through doing this people can transcend their old stories rather than stay stuck at the same static energy vibrations with minimal results. We live in a universe of possibilities, love, and abundance. It is my deepest desire to see people step out of their old stories and live with the peaceful, prosperous, and inspiring mindset of knowing that there is indeed unlimited supply.

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Love and Blessings,


Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD. MA

Your Inspired Action Success Coach

5 thoughts on “Transcend Limiting Beliefs

  1. francenestanley

    I believe this is so. A brain is like a computer. It can only work on what you input. Think in a positive way and that’s what your result will be.

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