What Happens After a Major Goal is Achieved?

Many success articles focus on helping people “get there” – you know, achieve the goal. I, too, have written many articles on how to attain goals. Most of my clients come to me because they have a goal they want to achieve and they want help making it happen. But what happens after a major goal is achieved? The logical answer is to celebrate the achievement and then focus on the next goal. And that is also good advice.

However, there is that in-between time.  After giving an almost herculean effort to achieve an important goal, there is a sense of victory, but also a sense of loss. There is even a sense of emptiness, sometimes.  I have experienced this and I see it with my clients, too. When you finish the thing that has occupied so much space in your head and your heart, there is a void.  I sometimes find myself grieving a bit, too when I finish something important.

I use to worry about this. I would think- “What is the matter with me?” I even felt guilt. I thought I should be supremely happy and when I would go through sadness after achievement, I frankly, could not understand myself.

What I have learned is that this is part of the cycle. I see it in myself and my clients. Recognizing that sadness is also a part of the goal achievement cycle helps give a person perspective.  I go through it every time I finish a project, finish a book, or any other important goal. I give myself space and time. I don’t try to talk myself out of it. I honor my feelings and allow my emotions to unfold. I am gentle with myself. I practice excellent self-care. I take baths, listen to soothing music, read books for entertainment, and doodle in my journal.



When you are ready, you can move on to what’s next.



13 thoughts on “What Happens After a Major Goal is Achieved?

  1. pixiewillow46

    great post, love this, most people dont immediately think about what happens next after achieving, I guess for me once I achieve my goal I generally have something new to achieve and I like being that way. I make sure though I get my balance. Really enjoyed reading this hun x

      1. pixiewillow46

        balance for me is super important because I have a family and run a couple of businesses so, I’m a planner by nature haha

  2. Great post Sheri confirming many of my feelings.. ! Thank you for your perspective. Perfect timing after my big projects. In my heart I know both of my completed projects will lead to new doors opening. In the mean time I will take it easy on myself —

  3. Love this! I never stop to think about what’s next…because I always have something else in mind to accomplish. I am one of those people who is go, go, go all the time…but that is not always good! And I know it! At some point there needs to be some downtime so you can celebrate your successes, and really focus on the bigger picture and what’s next…a good reminder!

    1. I love your energy. Go, go, go… is a great energy for achievement. I imagine that you accomplish a lot every day. And I like that you recognize that it is okay to take a breath, too.

  4. Sheri (why does it feel like I’m talking to myself here?), this was a great post for me to read as I edge ever closer to the goals I’ve set for myself, the intentions I am manifesting and the goals I look forward to setting as I achieve the ones that are already out there. I never considered a let down period, but will surely watch for it now, and, as you suggested, be kind to myself and let the feelings run their course.

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