Goals- When Fast is Better than Slow

Do you think it has to take a long time to achieve your goals? What if you could manifest your goals fast- like right away, now, today? In order to manifest your goals fast, you need first make a paradigm shift. Instead of thinking that it takes a long time to achieve goals, what if it were just as likely that you could achieve your goals fast?  Remember time is a man-made concept.


Often, fast is good. The reason fast is better than slow, is that momentum is on your side. Think about the time you decided that today is the day you clean your garage, basement, etc., after waiting for weeks or even months. You get going- and a few hours later, you are done. You wonder why you spent months thinking about doing it or even doing little bits and pieces of the job.

Here is another example. I enjoy writing. I write when I am inspired and I easily write several hundred words without feeling it is difficult. One weekend, I decided to challenge myself and see how much I could write over the two day weekend. I wrote over 18000 words. It didn’t feel hard. I still went out for dinner, washed clothes, and had time to relax. This was, by far, the most I had written over two days.

And one more example, when I lived in Wisconsin after I was first married, we owned a very large lot along with our house. We had two garages- a brand new garage, and an old, rickety garage. We could not tear down the old garage because it was right on the property line and if we tore it down, we would not be able to rebuild. For two years I stared at that garage. It had several decade’s worth of peeling paint.

Finally, I decided I was going to do something about it. I had never painted anything. I researched how to do everything and gathered my supplies.  My neighbors laughed at me because I was trying to rescue something so old and dilapidated.  My daughter Sonja was a year old and refused to stay in her playpen outside. So I scraped paint while holding her in one arm- for one whole day. Then I primed the next day- for the whole day (holding her in one arm). The third day, I painted the whole day (with my daughter in one arm).  I set my daughter down once- and she ran through the paint pan and I had little colored footprints on the sidewalk. I did not feel tired.  I was energized even though my arms ached. The 4th day, I had new garage doors installed with openers.  A few weeks later,  a relative stopped by and asked when we replaced the old garage and put up a new garage. She was in disbelief when my husband said, “Sheri painted it.” I know that if I had stopped at any point, the project would have bogged down and I could have been looking at an incomplete, half done job for another two years.

What are your goals? What could happen fast for you? Challenge yourself today.

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10 thoughts on “Goals- When Fast is Better than Slow

  1. This article was FANTASTIC! OH, I am falling in love with you. How many times do I have to read and listen to everyone telling me to break big jobs down into a little bit each day? It’s never been my style and I end up beating myself up because I like to do it all at once and the collapse. I just prefer it that way. And your article has given me this fabulous permission to celebrate that about myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Hi Sheri!

    You are so right that it’s all a matter of how we think about things. I just recently started changing my mindset about a few things (exactly like you said, this doesn’t have to take a long time) & have been amazed at the result.

    Glad we met via UBC. Cheers!

  3. Bonnie Gortler

    Absolutely love this post! I remember you discussing fast growth in class and was intrigued. Loved the paint story…. Can I use for a guest post later in the month? Warmest Bonnie

  4. I love this, Sheri. Since we enjoy writing, we can do it fast without minding the obstacles at all. It’s very important not to let the little things sidetrack or discourage as well. Thanks for sharing!

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