Choose Inner Peace

Inner peace is something that you can have in any given moment. Having true inner peace begins with choosing it. Make inner peace a daily choice. Commit to a life filled with inner peace. True inner peace means the outer circumstances do not run your inner world.


Start first with your breath. A deep breath helps create a pause between external stimuli and your response. Decrease the noise around you. Close your eyes- if you can- even for a moment. Ground yourself- feel your feet on the floor. Slow down your breathing. Imagine your muscles relaxing- especially your neck, your shoulders, your hands, behind your eyes, and your forehead.

This focus on the physical will calm your thoughts and help you center yourself. You can then, choose a deliberate response rather than a reaction.

Choose a mantra- all is well, peace, God is within me, Let go-let God…. whatever works for you. Use it to maintain inner peace- even during turmoil.

What techniques do you use to maintain inner peace?



6 thoughts on “Choose Inner Peace

  1. It was years before I realized that we always have access to inner peace. I think most people already know this intellectually, but forget in those crazy moments of chaos . I usually use simple breathing exercises to connect me my heir breath and then I relax into inner peace in minutes…just one of many ways to find inner peace in any moment.

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