Four Words that Kill Your Success

Four words that kill your success- “I think I’ll wait.”

How many times have you received terrific intuitive guidance and great ideas for the next move or steps in your life… you get excited- you do some research… and then fear pops in and you stop in your tracks and decide- “well I am comfy right here, right now” and you put it off again. Ask yourself- if I keep on doing what I am doing right now- where will I be in six months? a year? two years? 5 years? Yes, I have talked with people who have played the waiting game with their goals for 5 or more years. Be courageous… do something today to move you closer to the life you really want.

All you need is to act on one good choice and you will create an energetic movement in your life that results in many good decisions. What is that one good choice for you right now? What is your catalyst. Take a few minutes and write down what you want… then look at it- and write down what you really, really want- it is not always what you think at first.

For example- a person might say- I want to make more money- but what does that mean? More money could be an extra $50 a month- or more money could mean enough money to go beyond struggling- beyond survival mode- and into more than enough- a money place where you can breathe easily and take on the projects that you want to do in life. See the difference.

Take a few minutes to get really clear about what you really, really want… then (you probably guessed what I am going to say next) act on it. Take action.


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8 thoughts on “Four Words that Kill Your Success

  1. Those four words may just be why history repeats itself, human nature seems impossible to change and we keep doing the same things (or nothing, as the procrastination implied in your four words suggests), expecting different results. Along these lines, I hope you will consider contributing in the Synergy Sessions webinar series that I am in the process of planning and organizing. More info to come. Great post!!!

  2. My husband and I are in the process of taking a huge step in change this month. It will mean a lot of changes will occur in our lives but we are certainly hoping it will be for the better!

    1. Hi Cher,
      Thank you- I find that hiding feeling is often the result of fear… even courageous people have some fear, too. So the key is to take action even though there is still some fear in play.

  3. Hi Sheri! I just wanted to drop a note and say what a wonderful post! Fear is such a big factor in why so many people don’t pursue their dreams! It’s their stumbling block – the wrong word, touch or sign can send them running. Fear used to have a playground in my mind until I started reading books by Gabrielle Bernstein (Add More ~ing to Your Life & May Cause Miracles) and the like & just repeating positive affirmations. I am going to be a certified life coach very soon, so the one thing I want to make sure I teach in my practice is that it really begins with the mind. We have to learn to shift our thoughts, create new perspectives & disassociate ourselves from the reality of negativity. That will only bring us down and we have to be strong on the inside first & foremost. This post just really affirmed everything I believe in my core to be true and so I thank you.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you- I find that it is so important to stay away from negativity. It is easy to be positive when everything is going well- but so many struggle with an emotional roller coaster ride when things get a little tough. If you decide ahead of time that you “are doing it anyway, no matter what” then you have the strength to make it through the challenges and stay up.

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