Help Small Business Owners- Create the Ripple Effect

My heart breaks when I see people struggling in their small businesses and I always want to help.

Throughout my career, I have offered free introductory coaching sessions to people. Many of these people become my clients and go on to grow their businesses, write books, and see an impact in their lives. And there are often people who do not have the money for business coaching.

Every week, I talk to entrepreneurs (many live in third world countries or areas that are really struggling economically).  

I decided that I want to coach 10 struggling entrepreneurs/small biz owners throughout the globe with my in-depth one on one coaching process- the same process that my clients pay me $3000 for- and I need your help to do it. This process is time intensive and the funding I am looking for ($4700)- covers 50% of the cost of the program for each person for one month. I am donating the rest myself.


My mottos:  Be Free, Be Happy. Be the Inspiration. Be Bold. Boldly pursue a life of meaning and passion.

What We Need & What You Get

The funding for this indiegogo campaign will go toward choosing the 10 entrepreneurs. Plus me working with and coaching with each entrepreneur in Phase 1 of the program and it will cover one on one coaching sessions, in between calls, email support, materials, and communication expenses. The entrepreneurs will be chosen based on this screening process-  a written request and  a one on one interview over the phone or skype. The decision will be based on a criteria including: need, business vision, and skills. No business outcome is guaranteed- coaching is a co- creating process to facilitate and enhance- results depend on individual effort.

The perks that I am giving for donations include the following:

For a $25 donation- an autographed copy of my book Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World.


For a $100 donation: get a one year membership in my Your Path to Success Club- which includes 24 group coaching calls, 52 success lessons – one each week, mp3’s, worksheets, etc  (a $1200 value)


For a $1000 donation: get three- one hour-  individual one on one coaching sessions with me over the phone or skype.

If I do not reach my funding goal- I will revise the number of struggling entrepreneurs that can be in this program- but I will proceed and coach the number that the funding allows.

The Impact

The difference you will be making is helping to give small business owners tools and resources that might not otherwise be accessible.

I have coached people through writing and publishing books, starting businesses, growing businesses, changing businesses, and helping people to step into their greater purposes.

I have been a part of seeing people grow and then truly being an inspiration to others.

Together we can change the world – one person at a time- helping one small business person creates a ripple effect that impacts hundreds- even thousands of people.  What would it mean to help one person write and publish a book about social issues in a war torn and violent country? What would it mean to help one person grow a business in a country recovering from civil war? You can help create this ripple in a very powerful way by donating to this indiegogo campaign.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute- you can help by passing the word along.

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