Transcend Old Stories with this Simple Method


Feeling stuck with some limiting beliefs or “old stories” playing around in your head?

You can transcend old stories by using a very simple, yet effective method-  an affirmation:

Close your eyes- put your hand over your heart, take a few deep breathes.

Say “ I am now completely free of all of my old stories. I am transcending them now. I am moving to a higher level of consciousness. I am free now from any limiting beliefs, any old stories that I am consciously aware of and any that are below the surface on the unconscious level. I am completely free right now.”

Did you shift? Use that new sense of freedom to step into action.  Move into action. It is okay to try things and everything does not have to be perfect. You are not going to have a great inspired life if you don’t get out there and act on your inspiration.




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