30 Experts on the Be Free, Be Happy Expo


I so appreciate and am enlightened by the insightful and inspiring speakers’ presentations- and this event is still ongoing. I have found nuggets from each speaker so far- and here our the presentations  today: (you still have time to get involved with this event).

Mary Liu 

Mary Liu is an award winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Visibility Business Coach and Best-Selling Author of “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women”. She is the Founder & CEO of Empowered Women Speakers. Mary has been an entrepreneur for over 28 years and built two successful six-figure businesses. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to position themselves as experts to gain visibility and credibility to catapult their businesses using online and offline marketing strategies which include social media, internet marketing, and networking and presentation skills. Mary is best known for her signature step-by-step training programs that are delivered with a heart centered approach to generate results. She also has the ability to take complex subjects and translate it into easy-to-understand actions steps.

Topic: “Step Up and Stand Out in a Bigger, Bolder, Brilliant Way” In this high-content, interactive program, Mary will share her marketing secrets on how you can step up and stand out in a bigger, bolder, more brilliant way to showcase YOU and/or your business! You will walk away with resources you can immediately implement to create more visibility and credibility. You will learn: 

  • Online strategies to get seen!
  • The tools you need to stand out in a crowd
  • The importance of acknowledging your successes


Michele Caron 


Michele Caron, Certified Professional Coach, is the founder and creator of the popular life coaching website MyLifeCoach.com. Coach Michele and her featured coaches help thousands of people a month from around the world transform their lives. Coach Michele personally coaches executives, professionals, artists, business people and other leaders towards achieving success based on a life of personal mastery, integrity and joy. Our lives are based on freedom. Once you discover where your freedom lies, and how to *use* that freedom, you will achieve more success and happiness than you ever dreamed possible! Coach Michele will help you connect with the freedom and power that is your birthright.

Topic: 3 Secrets to Unlimited Freedom. You will learn:

  • How to optimize your emotional power, even if you are upset
  • How to know what you are truly “meant” to do
  • How to be free to take any action, no matter how scared you are!


Cari Murphy 


Cari Murphy is a Soul Success Coach, the award winning author of five books, including the bestselling book Create Change Now: Personal Reflections for Personal Transformation, the Host the of the Internationally syndicated “THE CARI MURPHY SHOW: STRAIGHT TALK FOR THE SOUL” with 500,000+ listeners, the President and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and a celebrated dynamic, motivational speaker and interviewer. Following a transformational near death experience in 1997, Cari’s life purpose became crystal clear. Her intention is to reach, empower and inspire millions globally and she is passionately devoted to increasing the consciousness of the planet and creating positive global change.
Cari has coached and mentored tens of thousands of people around the globe through her transformational books, coaching programs, telesummits, interviews, workshops, audio programs, home study courses, videos and more. She is devoted to expanding the field of Spiritual, Lifestyle and Transformational Media Hosting and Programming and thrives on inspiring her audiences, clients, readers and listeners to become the soul-driven conscious creators, spiritual leaders and celebrated business professionals they are meant to be. If you are ready to shine…perhaps even in front of millions… and live a lifestyle deserving of your soul’s brilliance, Cari will help you step onto that grand stage and co-create your destiny in a way that is perfectly aligned with your soul.

Topic: Manifest Inner Worth and Outer Wealth in 2013. Learn energetic and practical tools to propel you into heightened levels of inner worth and outer wealth!
Receive information intended to serve as a quick-start catalyst for personal and professional expansion!


  • Expand the possibilities in your life by shifting your perspective and leading from your soul!
  • Claim your role as a conscious creator and finally unleash your brilliance and greatest potential!
  • Expand the horizons of your imagination and create new pathways for generated unlimited abundance!


Discover, Create, and Live Your Path to Success. For Achievers, Doers, and Happiness Seekers Who Want To Live Lives of Freedom, Passion, Meaning, and Success.

Get inspired by 30 Top Success Experts in Their Fields and Boost Your Success in 2013 with this free training  and motivational virtual series. YOU will be getting thousands of dollars worth of free training. Imagine how much you would pay if you had to hire each one of these experts for an hour? Not only will you be getting NEW, fresh,  up-to-date, top rate training; but each expert is also giving a freebie gift to each attendee. Your FREE gifts are available instantly– as soon as you register. Every expert will also share their own struggles and how they found their unique paths to success and they will be sharing their secret tips for success and happiness.


Reserve your spot today BECAUSE YOU will Be:

  • Learning from Thought Leaders and Listening to Global Experts
  • Synthesizing Superb Personal Leadership and Success Tools, Tips, and Techniques
  • Finding out How to Balance it All and Experiencing Freedom andHappiness in Your Life
  • Using both Spiritual and Practical Techniques to Feed the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit
  • Building Your Prosperity Mindset and Wealth Consciousness.
  • Living Each Day with More Peace, Passion, Energy, and Joy
  • Enhancing Your Physical Health and Flexing Your Mental Muscles.
  • Pursuing an Authentic Life filled with Meaning and Purpose.
  • Instantly transform 2013 into your best year ever.

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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2 thoughts on “30 Experts on the Be Free, Be Happy Expo

  1. Mary Liu is new to me. I look forward to listening to her call. Love Michelle and Cari. I have listened to them on telesummits and interacted with both of them personally. They have beautiful loving hearts!

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