How Men and Women Track the Ultimate Goal of Weight Loss Differently

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How Men and Women Track the Ultimate Goal of Weight Loss Differently

by  (Guest Blogger)Pat Barone, MCC, America’s Weight Loss Catalyst


Coaching and training thousands of people towards permanent weight loss has taught me valuable lessons.  After several years, I began to notice distinct differences in the way my male and female clients approached weight loss and found success.

I realized my male clients often followed a less complicated, linear pattern towards weight loss.

My female clients got stuck in circles of complicated emotions and layers of confusing responsibilities.

My male clients understood diets and controlling food.  They thrived on structure and command.  Food rarely has  emotional connection or implication for most men.

My female clients yearned for true nourishment and were fulfilled by the experience of caring deeply for themselves.

My male clients wanted to earn something.

My female clients needed to grow into a new attitude before they could lose weight and keep it off.

The physical and mental aspects of weight loss tend to come easier to men.  We’re talking about a diet and some willpower.

Women, who are stronger in the emotional and spiritual realms, naturally rebel against diets, constriction and deprivation.

The reason men find it easier and women find the opposite is because diets originate from male energy.

Is it any wonder 99% of women who lose weight on a restrictive diet regain the weight?  Another fact: obese women far outnumber obese men, which I believe correlates to the fact they diet more often and more drastically.  We’ve seen the unfortunate results of harsh, restrictive dieting in the obesity numbers we face today.

Results are determined by connecting to our true power, our deepest energy source, our soul energy.  For females to attempt to adopt male energy, characterized by focused, linear thinking, control, counting and dominance with a strict diet, is a recipe for disaster.

Female energy is characterized by receptivity, resilience, open spaces, holistic thinking, and emotional involvement.  These are deeply valuable intrinsics, but they also complicate weight loss, sometimes even making it impossible.

As with life, balance is the key.  And self-awareness.  A truly successful person uses their energy in productive ways, to get the results s/he wants.

The first key is knowing and understanding how our energy runs, how it influences actions, and how to attain self-empowerment.


Pat Barone, MCC, America’s Weight Loss Catalyst


Pat Barone has defied all the odds life stacked against her and lived to tell her tale. The child of a southern belle food addict and an American Indian alcoholic, she often felt addiction was the only possible way to live. Much of her life was spent watching family drama playing out through the rear window of a car on a dusty Texas road. Apparently, she mistook this vista as a movie screen and thought it was a sign to pursue filmmaking, because her fixation took her to New York City, where she got her master’s degree in filmmaking from New YorkUniversity. She worked in the film business until she determined a master’s degree actually prepared her for more evolved tasks than making producer’s beds for their noon trysts with Warren Beatty. She has learned to live life backwards, dropping off baggage and bad attitudes along the way. When not writing, you can find her teaching and practicing yoga, tweeting about the New York Yankees, or at the movies. A true renaissance spirit, she has earned a living as a waitress, film extra, assistant producer, camera operator, documentary filmmaker, paralegal, police officer, hairdresser, diamontologist and jewelry designer, administrative assistant, editor, film critic, yoga teacher, personal trainer and professional coach. Pat met her spiritual guide at age 25, and has been healing herself and the world ever since. She sings with abandon, even though it scares small children and every form of animal life.  Her website is

I really enjoy Pat’s refreshing and unique weight loss paradigm.



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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6 thoughts on “How Men and Women Track the Ultimate Goal of Weight Loss Differently

  1. Men and women truly are different in their approach to many things–just ask anyone who’s been married for a long time (I resemble that remark). But, this is interesting because weight loss is often an area we don’t think how our male counterpart might approach. Perhaps if you are in a co-ed group challenge this might be affecting you. Or, if your husband doesn’t understand your issues, this gives a different perspective.

    Good post, and one to remember–it might help us support a woman who is struggling.

  2. Yes – I’ve noticed this with my partner as we both decided it was time to shed some pounds this new year. I lost 3 and a half stone at slimming world a few years back, and a few years before that and before that etc…. but each time it came back. I’ve yo-yo’d between 4 dress sizes most of my adult life and it’s because i have a very unhealthy relationship with food – something which started when I was 12. He has started eating healthier foods – and started exercising whereas I keep “forgetting” to eat – this has always been my default. That way I don’t have to think about food at all.. I’ll get there though – just need to keep it off this time… AGAIN! lol Great guest post!

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