Day 4 Jump Start your New Year- Shift your Money Energy

Welcome to January’s 7 Day Jump Start (you can use this Jump Start anytime you feel like you need to get back on track and find the lightness and happiness in your life- it doesn’t have to be at the start of the New Year). Each Day – I will feature a jump start tip/activity/exercise to help you really get your energy moving and bring you closer to your goals. Today we are on Day 4- you can still start with Day 1.


Day 4 Money.  Today let’s shift your money energy. Money in your life has two parts to it- money coming in and money going out.  Go through your monthly financial commitments and see if there are any areas that you want to cut out. Sometimes, you may catch a recurring billing payment for something you really do not use. Those $5, $10, or $30 or more items add up. See if you can get a better deal on your regular services by talking with your providers or switching companies.  If you really want to see where your money is going- keep a log for a week where you write down every thing you buy- even a $2 soda. Instead of beating yourself up- As you notice where your money is going- be sure to feel gratitude for the power of money and what money does for you.  Feeling empowered about anything is related to recognizing that you always have choices. At anytime- you can choose differently. You will probably notice some habits that you can easily change. The habits that you choose to change are up to you. Don’t create a feeling of deprivation- Do create a feeling of empowered choice.

The next part is to look at money coming in. Most people count on a job where they receive a steady paycheck. In this situation, people tend to only equate more money coming in with a raise or a new job that pays more. In truth, money can come from many unexpected places. If you work for a salary, give thanks for this money coming in and add some appreciation from money coming in from other areas. (rebates, gifts, unexpected discounts, free items/free opportunities, selling unused items, etc). If you own your own business, you are probably accustomed  to the fact that sometimes it is hard to predict the exact amount of money coming in and when you will get it. Anytime you feel anxious or concerned about money coming in:  be sure to give thanks for every single sale. Gratitude brings money in- stress, fear, and anxiety drives it away. One thing that I do frequently is to open one of my email lists and I look at each name and email and say thank you to every person on the list.  When I get an email notification of a new subscriber- I mentally say thank you- some days- I am saying thank you hundreds of times and it feels good. It is also great for my business.

Notice your energy shifting around the money in your life.





Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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6 thoughts on “Day 4 Jump Start your New Year- Shift your Money Energy

    1. Hi Diane,
      I found myself in a similar situation a few years ago- I was stopping almost every day at the gas station with my kids and getting a “treat” for us all- easily an extra $20 per day… 🙂

  1. Laura R

    Love the tip about appreciating money coming in from places other than your salary. A year and a half ago I started keeping an income journal and list all money I receive. It’s amazing how much we have to be grateful for.

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