12 Days of Christmas: Live on Purpose

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas: Live on Purpose


Every day until Dec 24, visit my blog for inspiration, special offers, and some free gifts.

In addition to each daily special, I am also holding a drawing contest. Every time you comment on the blog until Dec 24, 2012- your name will be entered into the drawing. On Dec 25, 2012 I will announce the Grand Prize Winner. The grand prize package is: I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift certificate or you can choose a Starbuck’s $25 Gift Certificate, plus the grand prize winner will also receive the Golden Mindset eCourse which is a $497 value (you can choose to use the ecourse or give it to someone else as a gift).

Today’s Coaching Tip: Live on Purpose. When you live with purpose, life takes on a magical quality and seems to flow almost effortlessly. You are able to feel peaceful, content, and relaxed knowing that are doing what you are meant to be doing. I am not one to say that each person has only one purpose. I feel in my life that I have lived and fulfilled many kinds of purposes. However, there are common themes of mentoring, supporting, teaching, comforting, listening, lifting up, and believing that have been a part of almost everything I do. So, if you feel like you aren’t quite living your purpose- look for those common themes and threads that are fulfilling to you. What do you feel passionate about? What lights you up? These are clues. Be a detective and dig a little deeper and purpose will emerge and it is worth it to line up with purpose. I have to gifts for you today- one free and one special.

  1. To help you really connect with purpose … I am offering to you today a free worksheet called Do and BE What you Were Meant to Do and Be (no opt in required– you can just download it) It is part of  my dynamic 4 Keys to Being Your Personal Best Audio eCourse. Click Here to get the free worksheet.
  2. Plus, I am offering my Gold one on one coaching package of three individual one hour coaching sessions per month via the phone (you also get unlimited email support, access to Your Path to Success Club, and unlimited short 5 to 10 min phone calls)   for $297 per month (that is a $500 per month discount). You are not obligated for additional months and if you choose this price today- you lock in that price for life- so anytime you want to have some coaching you will pay this rate.  That is a $500 discount off my regular priced packages and it is only valid today. Click Here to get this package today.



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

12 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Live on Purpose

  1. I feel like I have narrowed down my purpose in life as I’ve given it much thought over time. It is extremely spiritual in nature and what I feel God truly wants of me. What I have trouble with is my passion in life. For one thing, my passions change or sometimes I feel I have som many passions. Then, is following my passions preventing me from fulfilling my purpose in life. Make sense?
    Rio Rancho, NM

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Do you feel passionate about your purpose? I feel like that is what counts. Some people create a purpose out of a sense of duty or a sense of what other people want them to do… It could be that we are defining passions differently- for instance someone could have a passion for collecting figurines… the actual collecting may not have anything to do with purpose- but the things we are drawn to- often hold clues- for instance I love plaques, wall hangings, paper weights, anything with a positive message and I like to surround myself with these things- I have wall art with the word joy, etc. When someone walks into my home- they immediately get a sense of what I am about. When people look at their passions- if they dig a bit under the surface- there may be something unearthed regarding purpose. I view purpose as not only something people feel passionate about- but also as higher ordered thinking- there is some good one accomplishes for the betterment of not just the self- but the community as well.

  2. Hi Sheri, I love your worksheets and I am going to take a stab at this one in the next few days. A great gift that you share. Your GOLD One on one coaching is a GREAT DEAL, a steal. You give so much wisdom, tools, ideas, that make a big for big growth to achieve the goals that are desired.

  3. Lorena

    The worksheet looks helpful. I think I am clear about my passions and have a pretty good idea about my purpose, but I find myself holding back at times rather than really living out my purpose.

    1. When you feel yourself holding back- try blessing the outcome ahead of time. See yourself as fully capable of going for what it is that you do want. And- fear comes in when we venture out into new things. Often the fear is non-specific- just fears related to change, new things, – the unknown. I know I am feeling fear when I start procrastinating (I normally act quickly). Then, I get quiet and try to notice the fear. When I realize that it is just plain old fear of change- it seems to dissolve.

  4. Germaine

    I know what my purpose is, now it’s a matter of dealing with the fear of change & procrastination that get in my way. Thanks for the hints above, so helpful.

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