Bold Breakthroughs Release blocks, limiting beliefs, and old stories related to success and money.

Your Path to Success VIP Live Event Las Vegas

To one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations for 2 Full VIP Days of coaching with me in Las Vegas, NV on January 30 and January 31, 2013 where I will help you discover and help you create Your Path to Success. In a very small group setting we will focus on your vision, your goals, your dreams, and your plans.

  • Imagine you… with a clear vision and purpose?
  • A well defined map with inspired action steps?
  • The motivation and plan to achieve your goals and success?
  • And the passion, energy,  joy and love of what you are doing and being every moment of every day? 
  • And… What if…you could also feel peaceful, prosperous and released from money worries and limiting beliefs ?  
We are going to be working on exactly these things during my Your Path to Success VIP 2 Day Event in Las Vegas, NV on Jan 30 and Jan 31, 2013.Day 1 is Your Path to Success for Biz.Day 2 is Your Path to Success for Your Life.

You have the option to attend for one or both days.

Your Path to Success means just that- your path. Your Path is unique.  Commit today to choosing excellence for yourself, because you want it, not because you are trying to make anyone else happy.  Define the standard of excellence of “being” in your life.

During the Your Path to Success VIP 2 day event you will experience intense growing, stretching, and expanding with me. This is for you if you are devoted and serious about creating explosive growth and success in your life for 2013 and beyond.  I am so excited about working with you face to face, supporting you, coaching you,  and being a catalyst for change. This is what you will be learning during the Your Path to Success for Your Life sessions:


  • Your Transformational Purpose/Vision Define your success. Create a purpose and vision for your life that excites you and gives you a guide to measure future decisions. Figure out what is working and what is out of alignment for you. Decide what is important and what is insignificant. Create clarity for all areas of your life. Uncover dreams that have been buried. Create new dreams that make your heart pound with anticipation and transform your life.
  • Inspired Goals Set goals that make sense and make you stretch. Create an action plan that gets you in motion right away. Know what you will do this week, this month, this quarter this year and beyond. Learn the difference between Inspired Goals and goals that drain you and make you feel pressured. Break procrastination habits. Live and breathe inspired action.
  • Bold Breakthroughs Release blocks, limiting beliefs, and old stories related to success and money with five high energy exercises.  Let go of emotions and extra baggage that have been weighing you down. Create a sense of freedom and lightness.  Work with beliefs that empower your path to success. Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Your Intuitive Self Develop your intuition. Learn how to discover and  listen for intuitive guidance.  Learn how to trust your intuition. Boost your confidence level in decision  making. See how intuition give you an edge in every day life and how simple it is to tap into this amazing power.
  • Ultimate Self Care Create a culture of nurturing in your life. Note areas that need your attention and intention. Recognize  the correlation of your success and the level of self-care that you allow in your life. Make unbreakable ultimate self- care promises.
  • Prosperity Practice.  Practice powerful manifesting tools. Use my ten methods for powerful creation and manifesting. Make prosperity practice an every day habit. Learn how to tap into the vibrational energy level needed to achieve your goals.

Get full event  information: Click Here



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Best Selling,  Transformational Author of multiple books.

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