Find the Lightness and Inspiration in Your Life

Success and Transformation

Growth is about asking the right questions,

Being willing to stretch your mind, your soul, and your heart-

And not about just doing more or adding more to your plate,

Or adding more burdens.

Growth is about freedom and happiness.

Success and transformation are about finding the lightness and inspiration in your life.

We invite you to step into this innovative, soul expanding, inspirational, transformational, energy boosting, and action oriented program: Be Free, Be Happy: Your Golden Mindset

  • Get energized to make the most of every day and accomplish your goals.
  • Become crystal clear about your deepest desires so you can engage in focused and inspired action.
  • Know and honor your true you where you work on the right goals for you.
  • Develop the confidence to take action and be decisive.
  • Sustain your motivation and inspiration so you can do what it takes to accomplish yourbig picture goals.

Where will all of  this get you?

Why is it so important to be a part of the Be Free, Be Happy; Your Golden Mindset coaching program? 

The inner work creates the outer results.

Those outer results could be that you decide  you can take that dream vacation, buy that house, pay off your bills, get that dream job or start your biz…

Or do whatever it is that your heart truly wants to do. Click Here for more info.



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.

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