Create a Drama Free Zone

It is tempting to get caught up in “the drama” of the moment… As I was watching my sons football game today… the coach called one of the players over to him (the young guy was a having a rough game). Coach asked him, “What’s wrong today?” the kiddo- bless his heart- answered… “Coach, I just keep screwing up.” My heart went out to him… and I thought about how often we all think of ourselves that way… letting go of the past (even if it was just the past play a moment ago) is important- it diffuses the dramatic story playing our heads.

Ask yourself right now… where am I attached to drama in my life? You will know it… because you will have some kind of stress response… headache, upset stomach, tension, feeling on edge, feeling over stimulated, etc. Make an intention to release it. You may even want to declare… “my life is a drama free zone”,

You probably have heard the expression… don’t get too low or too high… which is really a testimonial for moderation. Of course, in my own life… I don’t like feeling low… but I have to admit the energy high- that feeling of bouncing off the walls can be really enticing. But it can also be very dramatic and draining. Journaling and meditating are techniques that can keep you in the moderation/productive zone so you don’t burn out like a sparkler on the 4th of July.

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