Get Inspired for the Rest of 2012

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”  ~William Feather

The Final Push..

Okay- so it isn’t really the final push. It is the last quarter of 2012… and there will be (I believe) a 2013. If you listen to the news… the outlook is dismal about the economy, world and local politics, and there is every reason to be utterly depressed. But you know what? Of my 40 + years listening to the news… guess what it has mostly been?… dismal. Step out of the belief that the system (whether locally, nationally, or the world) has control over you. Instead, ask yourself…

“What inspired action can I take to be empowered and to create positive change in my life and those around me? ”

Create a list… and start taking action- start moving.

Be thankful for everything , every day… even the smallest things.

Dream Big… who else will dream big about your life (besides your mom)?

Ask… what if? What if things were working out exactly the way I want… what would that look like?

And… don’t give up…as long as you keep your goals and dreams alive… you are making progress.

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6 thoughts on “Get Inspired for the Rest of 2012

  1. I feel everyone who finds this should take Sheri up on her offer. What have you got to loose? What could you gain? Invest some time to meet a new friend who is interested in you.
    Sheri expanded on these themes last night with her Success Club Members.
    Thanks for these great thoughts.

  2. Well said, Sheri! Dreaming big is what we have to do for ourselves everyday; if we don’t, just imagine the opportunities we won’t develop for those who are counting on us and need our own special sauce to help them move forward.

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