Your Courageous Yes

You are invited next week to the August segment of Your Path to Success Free Telesummit where you can listen via the web, skype or phone:

Live August 14, 2012 5pm pst/8pm est

Meet my guest Lorraine Cohen:

Creatively inspiring and innovative founder of Powerfull  Living, Lorraine Cohen is a gifted internationally recognized spiritual guide, leading edge life coach,  published writer, and in-demand speaker. For more than 25 years, Lorraine has mentored thousands of people
worldwide to transform fear and, liberate their heart  to live passion-filled and abundant lives that align with their spirit. An expert in transforming fear into POWER and removing barriers to success, she helps people shift from being a victim of their circumstances to being the hero of their own life story.

As a popular broadcaster, she hosts The Compelling Conversations for Powerfull Living Series on business, personal, and spiritual topics with leaders in the field of conscious entrepreneurship, personal transformation, health and wellness, and spirituality including Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Gay Hendricks and many others.

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“Your Courageous YES – The Only Alternative to Living Your Divine Destiny”.

Do you feel your soul yearning to create a new expression of you?

Do you long to contribute to this historical time and reshape the world for yourself and future generations?

Are you ready to liberate your heart and soul to deepen your connection with the Divine and claim your Divine destiny?

“Your Courageous YES – The Only Alternative to Living Your Divine Destiny”.

In this compelling conversation with Lorraine Cohen you will learn:

1. 5 D’s that can negatively shape your life.

2. How your mismatched intentions, desires, and expectations are sabotaging your dreams.

3. The 5 essential pathways to living your Divine destiny in this new world consciousness.

And so much more….
Join us for this free live event- click here

The mp3 audio download will be available afterwards forfree, too.

We would love to have you join us.

See you soon.



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.

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