The Rain is Pouring Down

Thank you for your generous, caring, and thoughtful prayers.

As I write this… the rain is pouring down in Colorado- the fire in Colorado Springs is over 90 % contained.

I really appreciate your heart felt prayers… I know many people from all over the world were praying for the western fires in the US. Thank you so much. The people in Colorado Springs who lost homes or experienced damage to their homes, are now beginning the painful process of rebuilding and moving forward. Please continue to hold them in your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for all of the fire danger areas and for the firefighters, too.  I know the Red Cross and Salvation Army are accepting disaster relief donations to help as well if you are looking for a place to give.

With all of the fires and high danger levels, over the 4th of July here in my area- there were no fireworks. But people found other ways to celebrate and remember Independence Day here in the US.  I feel thankful for all of the freedom I experience every day.  I am free to choose, free to think, free to speak, free to pursue what really makes my heart happy.

Exercise: Ask yourself, “What makes me feel free?”



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.

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