Amp Up Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals Workshop

Amp Up Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals 4 Week Workshop

With Sheri Kaye Hoff and Crystal Lynn Miller

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Do you struggle with feeling worthy sometimes?

Are there experiences in your past that you feel contribute to your not feeling worthy?

Do you question if it is even possible to receive what you desire or to live the life of your dreams?

Do you feel like you need to be perfect before you can have what you desire?

Are you harsh on yourself or overly critical?

Do you feel like you have to live up to other’s expectations?

You are not alone, these are normal feelings and thoughts that many people experience in their lifetimes. They are also feelings and thoughts that will prevent you from moving forward, unless you make some shifts and changes.

Your everyday life doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to be difficult or a perpetual struggle. You can feel a liberating sense of freedom, love, joy, accomplishment, and success on a daily basis.

Do you feel that there is something greater within you and you want to step into your full power? Do you wish that you had the motivation and consistent inspired action to achieve your goals?

Consider these questions:

Would you like to:

Feel empowered?

Recognize and trust your Intuition?

Love yourself unconditionally?

Connect with your true voice, your inner power and knowing?

Align with your natural flow of energy that will help you achieve your goals?

Take inspired action?

Feel a greater sense of clarity and purpose?

Experience greater joy and love in your life?

Allow and accept good things in your life?

If you are ready for change,  during this 4 week Amp Up Your Energy to Achieve Your Goals Teleclass Workshop, Sheri Kaye Hoff and Crystal Lynn Miller will focus on releasing, aligning, and expanding your energy surrounding:  Worthiness, Love, Connectedness/Spirituality and Intuition.

Crystal Lynn Miller will be facilitating energy work to help release blocks, align and expand in these 4 areas.  Sheri Kaye Hoff will be offering life coaching processes, techniques ,  and tools to assist you.

How can Energy Healing assist in removing blocks to achieving goals, aligning with your highest potential and experiencing an expansion of love and joy?

Everything is energy. You are made of energy. You feel energy.

Here are some examples of energy that you may have felt before.

Have you ever:

Been to a child’s birthday party and felt the excitement?

Noticed the person who seems gloomy that almost sucks the life out of a room?

Been around someone that is so happy that after spending time with them you feel uplifted?

Thought of someone and they called you?

Been aware of feeling someone stand behind you, even though you are not looking at them?

Felt someone looking at you from across the room, when you look in that direction, your eyes meet?

Yes, all those examples are energy.

Energy supports our mental, emotional and physical body and is influenced by our thoughts, feelings and actions. Limiting beliefs, a painful experience or repetitive negative thoughts can create energetic congestion in our bodies that can eventually affect our physical bodies creating pain, illness or emotional upset.

When there is congestion, your natural flow of energy that supports your over all well-being is disrupted.

Energy healing assists in releasing these blocks and bringing you back into alignment with your natural energy flow. When in alignment, you feel happy, healthy, enthusiastic, hopeful …

and more. You become aligned with all those positive feelings that contribute to you-  living a life filled with more joy and love.

Energy healing empowers you to make decisions that support you in stepping into your full power. It brings clarity to you. You begin to recognize and trust your intuition. Your spiritual connection is strengthened and you feel more connected to yourself and your truth.

Energetic congestion can happen even if you are a positive happy person. Perhaps, the majority of your life is going well, but something feels like it is missing, or you may have moments where you don’t feel like you are living life at your highest potential.

Crystal’s many clients move through issues quickly to more positive lasting results. Crystal uses intuitive guidance to tune into the underlying meaning and bring the client back into alignment.

Some examples of clients benefiting from energy work with Crystal are those that experienced:

Long held grief that they were able to release immediately and found hope and happiness again.

Difficulty in relationships and able to become clear on what they want,  felt empowered to express their feelings and experienced great improvement.

Release of childhood traumas that kept them from truly connecting with others and allowing love that shifted to feeling safe and experiencing life more joyfully.

Experienced feeling more clear about their life purpose and increased their ability to listen to their intuition.

An expanded state of awareness and spiritual growth

Healed feelings of unworthiness and allowed and embraced love from self and others.

There are many positives results from energy work. The key is getting back into alignment with your true self, your inner knowing, and love.

How does distant energy healing work and how can it be done for a group of people?

Crystal is a facilitator and states that it is not her energy that she is moving, but rather Divine energy that she is facilitating for each individual’s highest good.

This is not associated with any religion. She respects whatever personal belief a person holds. She only works from a place of love, always seeing the wellness, the clearing, and the positive results.  She has the ability to connect to this flow of energy and assist others in experiencing peacefulness, love and healing.

With energy work Crystal is very intentional in assisting a positive shift that can be general or focused on something specific. Our intentions are everything. If you believe and hold the best possible thought or feeling for someone, that can have an impact on them, and if that person is simply willing to receive love, kindness or assistance,  the thought or feeling then creates a positive shift. In that moment the energy shifts .

Energy healing is also like a prayer. It has no limits on it in terms of time and distance. That is why the energy can even be felt even while listening to recordings. She sets her intention that each person listening live or to recordings receives exactly what they need in that moment.  A person’s energy knows what they need and will move to the area of congestion or disruption and bring healing to that place, whether it is a physical or emotional disruption. It is also possible that while on the call during the class, the same person may experience the energy in a particular way, but while listening to the recording get a different result because the need in that moment is different.

Most people report feeling very peaceful, calm, happy, lighter, more clarity, joy and love from experiencing energy work with Crystal.

Your Energy Impacts Your Goals

When your energy is aligned and expanded, you are able to focus clearly on what you want and on taking the necessary inspired actions steps to set and achieve your goals. Feeling empowered gives you the strength to accomplish your goals.

Take a minute to think about what your life would be like if you accomplished your goals this year? Go ahead, paint a beautiful picture in your mind… enjoy it. What was different from where you are right now?

If you are ready to make a change right now:

Sheri Kaye Hoff and Crystal Lynn Miller are offering you a powerful opportunity to:

Amp Up Your Energy and Achieve Your Goals now!

By combining energy work and life coaching, we are offering you the opportunity to shift your energy quickly and with ease so you can achieve your goals.

Start date:  April 11, 5pm pst/8pm est. Class Dates: April 11, April 18, April 25, and May 2.

Included in this 4 Week Course:

4- 75 minute teleconference calls with Sheri Kaye Hoff and Crystal Lynn Miller. Session 1- Worthiness- cultivate deep feelings of self-worth and alignment with your innate worthiness. Session 2-  Love – allow and receive unconditional love and self- love to strengthen your relationships and confidence.  Session 3- Connectedness/Spirituality-  deepen your spiritual connection so you can align your own energy.  4- Intuition- learn how to trust and develop your intuition so you can make the best decisions and take the best action steps for your life.

Worksheets for each call to enhance your experience and lock in the learning.

Daily activities for you to implement in between calls.

Unlimited email support with both Crystal and Sheri for the 4 weeks of the workshop.

Mp3 Downloads of each Teleconference call for your library and  in case you need to miss a live call- the recordings are filled with healing and aligning energy, too. 

2 Bonus MP3s: Worthiness… a guided energy meditation by Crystal Lynn Miller and  Trust Your Intuition…  affirmations for recognizing and trusting your intuition by Sheri Kaye Hoff. Value $37

Get this Energy Filled Workshop today for only $197 (save $50)

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.

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