A Soaring Mindset Allows and Flows Success

One of the loves of my life is writing poetry.  My poems usually come to me and are written within fifteen to twenty minutes. I am never sure when a poem will hit- but I always have a notebook or journal ready… This poem is included in my book Living Successfully and Joyfully Every Day. Enjoy:) the pic below was taken as I was nearing the top of Pikes Peak and I truly felt like I was soaring (some clouds seemed to actually be beneathe me and so were some mountain peaks).

Soaring to Success

Oh, to Soar- Soaring through the clouds like a bird flying- carefree/effortless/graceful/freedom/blissful
Carefree/not careless
Trusting  that everything will work out
Confidence in the ability to soar
Absence of worry
Absence of fear
Abilities match the requirements
The right place at the right time
Everything clicks
Not brash or harsh
Lack of force/resistance
Lack of awkwardness
No shoulds
Just being
No burdens
Just lightness
The sun shining
Breathing the air
The wind running over your body
The view of the ground
The view of the surroundings
A soaring mindset allows and flows success.
Soar today…live..breathe..relax…enjoy

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