It’s Here- the Be the Inspiration eBook just launched today- yippee

I am sooooo excited to let you know that I have just completed my 4th book.

It is called Be the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World.

The early reviews have been outstanding. It is a leadership book designed for coaches, consultants, thought leaders, change agents, small biz, org leaders, emerging experts … anyone who really wants to make a difference no matter where you are right now.
Are you ready to move from only getting inspired personally to truly being the inspiration to everyone around you?

The Be the Inspiration movement is for people who truly want to make a difference. It’s time to move people with your message.
It is time to mentor, to give back, to love more, to be more…

The Be the Inspiration ebook explains how to use the acronym INSPIRE and you will learn key components of explosive personal
and leadership growth. This ebook includes the key concepts that Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff has been teaching in her $997 leadership
coaching program.


“What I learned about leadership has supported me in all of my roles,  professionally and personally. Sheri helped me to get comfortable with embracing my personal story and the value it brings.  Writing my I-story was healing and powerful. Sheri is truly a role model for me, demonstrating that great joy can come through inspiring others.”

Kathryn Quintana, Certified Family Manager Coach

You will learn and use the acronym INSPIRE
• I- Your compelling “I” story
• N-New Beliefs
• S- Step into Inspired Action
• P- 3 P’s- People, Purpose, Prosperity
• I- “I love” (unconditional love)
• R- Reaching Out
• E- Managing Your Energy and Enthusiasm

This ebook includes:

• Concepts Coach Sheri has been teaching in her leadership group coaching classes.
• Ideas that have propelled her coaching practice to a global level.
• Exercises in each chapter to give you a practical application of each concept.
• Stories from people just like you- who have transformed their lives.

Plus Bonus Gifts:

• Leadership Bootcamp audio mp3 program.(value $97)
• How to Write a Book Fast and Fabulously audio mp3 series (value $197)
• The Grow Your Biz for coaches, consultants, small biz audio program (value $197)
• Conquer Limiting Beliefs energy healing 1 hour audio mp3 with me and energy healer Crystal Lynn Miller .

Plus More Bonus Gifts:

Coach Sheri’s interviews (audio mp3’s) with world class leadership, coaching, and lifestyle experts:

• Marci Shimoff
• Janet Nestor
• Pat Hastings
• Doug Jarvie
• Hemal Radia
• Nanice Ellis
• Nancy Farris
• Linda Hardenstein
• Tomar Levine

Get it Today for only $27

and you get immediate access to your ebook as a digitial download and to hundreds of dollars of free bonus gift downloads.

I  won’t be offering this package for long…If this feels right for you… If you know in your heart that this is something you want right now… Go for it… Act… Make a decision.

I promise you, you will learn, grow, and change. What will it mean to you… to become a better leader, an agent of change? What would it mean to cultivate and craft your authentic message?

Get it Today


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.

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