It’s Back! List Building Event in a Multi-Billion Dollar Niche

It’s that MAGICAL time of year again.

THE ONE you and many others have been waiting for all year long!

NO…I’m not talking about the Holiday Season,

I’m talking about the 6TH ANNUAL Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event…

And I for one, am honored to be the bearer of such good news.

This year Stephanie Mulac, Dr. Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen are offering
a multitude of generous prizes, that are guaranteed to EXCEED all expectations!!!

Are you ready for this?

The following prizes will be awarded to the JV’s who refer the most TOTAL referrals (JV’s and Members)

#1 – Grand Prize:
250,000 Solo mailing

#2 – Second Prize:
25,000+ Solo Mailing

#3 – Third Prize:
10,000 Solo Mailing

And the TOP referrer of JV partners will walk away with a MASSIVE…

#1 – 150K Solo Mailing

PLUS there will be a top 30 drawing for the chance to win an affiliate mailing!

Last year almost 25,000 members joined the event, so I think it’s safe to say
that this is the BIGGEST list building event you will ever take part in.

Not only has the event been PROVEN time and time again to help savvy entrepreneurs build MASSIVE lists each and every year,
for the past 5 years without fail…

Over $15,000 in commissions were paid out last year and there’s no reason why
you can’t get your share as a valued JV partner this year!

Not an opportunity to be missed, I’m sure you will agree?

You have NOTHING to lose and so much to gain, like building a profitable list in a multi-billion dollar niche…

The PERFECT start to a new year!

As always, it’s FREE to join but I would strongly encourage you to look at the
optional upgrades…

There were over 950+ gifts in last year’s event and those who recognized the benefits of upgrading had their gift seen more frequently by all 25,000 members…

A TOTAL no-brainer that WILL increase your visibility to an avalanche of PROVEN buyers, especially given the unprecedented number of gifts last year…

And something tells me that year is going to be even BIGGER!

Here’s To Your Success In 2012!


Coach Sheri

Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL.

Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Life Coach and Transformational Author of multiple books.


P.S. Did I mention that this event ONLY happens once a year, so now is the time to jump on board before it’s too late:

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