My Top 4 Success Tips of the Day

Got Success? Want More? Need Some? I thought I would share my Top 4 Success Tips for Today… I say today because tomorrow could be a slightly different list depending on what is going on with me and my clients.

  1. Try something new. Choose something that has intimidated you in the past. Do something out of the norm for you. Notice the shift in energy when you do it. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel capable? Do you feel energized?
  2. When you set plans in place, view your plans as a promise to yourself. And keep your promises to yourself just as you would keep a promise to someone else. Become aware of distractions so you can keep focused on your plans. Understand that some fear is natural when you try something new. Avoid procrastination. Procrastination is a habit. See yourself as empowered to put any positive habit in place. Don’t see yourself as a victim of procrastination. Start on one thing…even if it is the smallest, easiest thing. That way you can build some momentum for sticking to your plans.
  3. When things seem difficult, allow yourself to experience the emotions (fear, anxiety, anger). Then work through them and get to the point where you decide that you are making it through whatever situation you are in and you have already won… Tell yourself, “I have already won, I have not given up- so I have already won.”
  4. Remember your past successes. Make a list of your top 100 or more success from birth to now. Enjoy that feeling of achievement and let it fuel your progress toward your next goals.
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