Don’t Do it Alone

Yesterday I offered everyone a free 20 minute strategy session. Sometimes people ask me how I can possibly have the time to offer free sessions. I have never been worried about it because the truth is there are many people who struggle alone with frustration and never reach out- even for something that is free and valuable. So when I offer my free sessions- I always get a great response- but not a completely overwhelming response… the people who reach out for a free session receive a great value- I feel great about it and yes, some do become clients. You might be thinking, why is Sheri telling me this? I am sharing this because I want you to reach out to the resources available to you and you have vast resources available. Be open to receive all of the good that is coming to you. If you have a dilemma- whether it is personal or business, there is an expert out there who can help. Yes, you can solve things on your own, but many times if  you reach out you will move through your situation faster and save time, and even save money.

Exercise: Make a list of personal and business things that are frustrating you. Then, look at your list and ask Where can I get help with this? Who can assist me? Where can I turn?  For example, if you have been struggling to stay motivated to work out-  look at hiring a personal trainer. Or if you cannot seem to get your blog going, check out a blogging expert like Michelle Shaeffer or Denise Wakeman, and so on.

Don’t do it alone- why? Because you don’t have to.



Sheri Kaye Hoff

M.A. CGCL Life Coach and Author

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P.P.S. BE the Inspiration:)

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