Top Ten Positive Beliefs

When we are growing and changing, we find ourselves face to face with beliefs that just are not working in our lives anymore- or perhaps even some that never worked and even held us a back.  As we become willing to release those beliefs,  we have the terrific opportunity to layer in some new positive beliefs that really make our lives flow with ease, accomplishment, and meaning.

So often when we talk about beliefs… we talk about releasing limiting beliefs which is vital work for self- growth, but today I want to talk about some positive beliefs that really can take us to whole new level in our lives. Here is my top ten list for  today (tomorrow it could change slightly):

I make a difference.

I have the help I need.

People are good.

People are helpful.

I am supported.

I have access to all of the tools I need.

Everything works out for me.

I am just fine exactly the way that I am right here in this moment.

Every time I take action steps to achieve my goals- I see a result that is positive in some way.

I persist and persevere.

Of course there are hundreds of positive beliefs, but this list is a good start. Ask yourself, what if I incorporated some of these today? What might happen?

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL


Life Coach and Author


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