The Role of Anger in Success

If you have followed me for awhile, you know that success and joy are what excite me every day. I view happiness and joy as thoughts that you can choose just like you choose your clothes from your closet in the morning. Setting happy intentions generally brings more happiness- dwelling on the positive side of what is working is effective in maintaining a high energy vibration for achieving your goals in life…

So… what about those times when we feel angry? I know I can’t stand myself when I feel angry- it feels so unnatural to me and uncomfortable. What I have learned is that anger can be a positive channel for success. When you feel anger and can’t figure out what it is (most of us will feel a bit of twinge of anger if we feel we have been somehow wronged- but what about seemingly unexplainable anger? I am going to put the health questions aside (yes, anger can be a chemical issue in the brain or hormonal issue- etc) and let’s look at anger as a teaching tool- as a compass even.

What I have learned about myself and many of my clients is that anger points out to us that something is wrong. Something is not working in our lives. So instead of feeling- geez how come I am so angry – what is wrong with me? Ask what is my anger trying to tell me? Perhaps your anger is letting you know that you need to engage in better self care… or that you are living out of alignment with your goals and preferred way of being. This is a great time to grab your journal and start writing down thoughts that come up.

Another tip is to use the energy of anger for something positive. One of my favorites is vacumming or pulling weeds. I have also found that when I feel angry-  I can sometimes tackle something I have been putting off for awhile like going through a stack of mail or flipping my mattress over, etc… Take care not to make rash decisions when you are angry… but use the energy to propel you towards accomplishing something.

You may even get to the point of being thankful for the teaching power of anger. Next time you feel angry… don’t stuff it or squelch it … but ask… what is the lesson? What is the message?

I am not talking about ranting and venting… which sometimes escalates anger… I am talking about healthy recognition of a common emotion. I would love to hear about how you deal with anger in your life (no rants, please- lol).



Sheri Kaye Hoff
M.A. CGCL Life Coach and Author

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