Hear What These Three Biz People had to say…

A new session of my Be the Inspiration- Inspire Your World Group Coaching program is starting soon and you still have a few days to save big on this program. I wanted to share what a few past attendees had to say:

“I loved taking part in Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Be the Inspiration Leadership Program and continue to draw upon what I learned and the benefits of this experience.  Sheri put so much into this program, and it is packed with tools and techniques that I continue to use.  Sheri included recordings, coaching, handouts, and more to provide a complete experience.  Having the recordings and handouts helps me to integrate what I have learned and go deeper into the concepts, even after the conclusion of the program.

What I learned about leadership has supported me in all of my roles, professionally and personally.  Sheri helped me to get comfortable with embracing my personal story and the value it brings.  Writing my I-story was healing and powerful.  Sheri is truly a role model for me, demonstrating that great joy can come through inspiring others.

Sheri’s coaching saved me valuable time by pointing me in the right direction.  Her warmth, encouragement, and guidance moved me into action, and I took steps and moved forward rather than staying stuck in confusion or overwhelm.  Through her program, I clarified my message and gained the confidence to step into a new leadership role.  She helped me to find my voice.

Sheri had a keen intuitive sense for what participants in the program were experiencing, and she took the time to address those concerns as they arose.  I was comforted to know the challenges were common among the participants and anyone stretching beyond his or her comfort zone.  With Sheri’s gentle support, I felt energized and inspired throughout this experience.

I am excited to be bringing this fresh energy into my work as a literacy interventionist in a public school and as a Family Manager coach helping moms to maximize time, energy, and peace of mind.  I would highly recommend this program to individuals looking for this enrichment in their own lives and am confident that through Sheri’s coaching they can achieve great results, too.”

Kathryn Quintana, Certified Family Manager Coach


“I joined Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff’s Be The Inspiration teleclasses after taking up a free coaching session with her. I had some doubts about joining the class as I thought I would be the odd one out – I am an Asian Indian living in Singapore. From the very first class, Sheri made all of us feel so welcome and she gave us the time and space to absorb the materials, share our “wins”, discuss our difficulties and gently guided us to find spirit-based solutions.

Sheri had us examine our thoughts and beliefs about leadership, relationships, prosperity, unconditional love and much more. She coached us to be the inspiration in all areas of our lives; to be the leader not just at work or with others but also to become leaders of our own lives. From the very first exercise – writing my “I” story (which I now use on my website), I found every exercise gave me a lot of awareness and clarity. I left every class feeling energized.

Anyone who is confused, worried, mentally or emotionally exhausted needs to join the Be The Inspiration classes and apply the lessons. I know that they will gain a lot of clarity and energy and truly become the leader of their own lives.

Vimala Murali

Natural Health & Wellness Consultant

Personal & Professional Success Coach


www.PowerWithinCoaching.com  ”

“Sheri is a compassionate woman, an enthusiastic coach, who is an effective leader, full of positive energy and wisdom. You get into the flow of action immediately from the first class over the telephone from her opening “hello, hello this is Sheri Kaye Hoff. The BE the Inspiration: Inspire Your World group coaching program is effective, informative, action oriented, fun, and powerful.  Sheri’s leadership style, the way she gets her message across, brings out the best of the participants self confidence, joy, success, and inspiration with her encouragement and guidance. Sheri is organized, empowering, and an action oriented dedicated coach that will support you to be successful if you are ready to do the work.  Sheri teaching style is simple, effective, well thought-out, straightforward, achievable which inspires you to do the handouts, apply the concepts that you learn in the class and her one on one coaching sessions that is part of the program. You can feel her passion of helping others as it shines through her voice while you are inspired to take action and feel your fear and do it anyway. The course will give you tools to improve your personal life to live joyful and inspired as well as suggestions and strategies that will grow your business. You will be ready to execute, be an effective leader who is more bold, brave and daring.”

Bonnie Gortler- The Option Girl


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Sheri Kaye Hoff
M.A. CGCL Life Coach and Author

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